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Brushes & Scrub Sponges
Swiveling Lotion
High-end, cosmetic-
grade applicator is
velvety soft. The 23”
long handle reduces
the need to bend,
stretch or strain. The
sponge head swivels
to accommodate the
unique contours of the body. Hypoallergenic odorless sponge will not flake, crumble or shed fibers. Can be rinsed and re-used. 081499201
Roll EasyTM Lotion
Massages the body
while applying oint-
ments, creams, lotions
and medications.
Comes with two dif-
ferent massage rollers
that are easy to use
and change. Handle
folds for easy storage
and travel. When
folded, it is 8.3” long, unfolded 14.5”. 555350
Easily apply lotion
and creams to hard-to-
reach areas. Features a 17”
plastic handle with replaceable
foam applicator head. Foam can be cleaned and replaced after use, as needed.
Applicator with 2 Extra Pads
Replacement Applicator Pads, 3 pk
Holds soap bar for convenience
Bath Mitt. Interchangeable for either hand, this bath mitt has a pocket for bar soap to dispense soap more easily. If skin is frail the sheepskin side can be soaped with liquid or bar soap. The mesh side exfoliates gently. Mildew-resistant hypoallergenic ma- terial. 5”W x 8”L.
Soapy Back Spa. Soft bristles help mas- sage and clean your back or feet. Easy to hold handles. 41” L x 23⁄4”W. 081512862
Carefully balanced to minimize stress on joints and muscles
Etac® Long Handle Back Scrubber and Body Washer. Each brush features an ergonomic handle of lightweight poly- propylene with an anti-slip, rubber-like surface. A detachable nylon wash cloth with a poly-ethylene lining washes effec- tively without absorbing water—so brushes always stay balanced, even when wet. Sponge is machine washable at 140° F. Latex free.
Deluxe Bath Brush. Extended length and brush surface — 4” x 12”. Can be bent
to custom cleaning position. 27” length offers extended reach. Open end to hang on hook.
Curved Bath Brush. Handle is curved 180° so persons with minimal range of motion can reach their neck, shoulders and back. Total length: 38”. Latex free.
6629 662901
Long Handle Back Scrubber 111⁄4” Deep; 7.1 oz.
Long Handle Body Washer 15” Long; 4 oz.
Long Bath Brush. Circular Brush with an open center with nylon bristles that gently stimulate and massage while cleaning. Unique handle helps those with limited range of motion reach shoulders and back. 14” long. Assorted colors. Latex free. 6330

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