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Splash Guard.
Directs urine flow towards the toilet. Fits most toilets — standard and elongated
— and elevated toilet seats. Extra-large splash guard sits on the toilet seat opening and prevents urine from missing the toilet. Dimensions overall height 10”, Width 4”, Depth 3”, and Height above seat 51/2”. 081533025
Toilet Seat Reducer Ring. Durable ivory plastic ring easily snaps onto toilet bowl, reducing size of seat area to provide secure seating. Fits most standard home and institutional toilets. 5” high splash guard. Overall: 10”W x 13”D. Latex free. 622801
Splash Guards & Toilet Seat Reducers
Homecraft Savanah Splash Guard. Simple to fit, this splash guard clips to a toilet bowl,
a raised toilet seat or a toilet frame with a peg-like action. Prevents embarrassing and unhygienic accidents that can happen, for example, when gentlemen sit down to use the toilet. From a seated position the guard deflects urine down into the toilet. Easy to remove for cleaning and for getting on and off the toilet.
8” 6”
Deluxe Padded Toilet Seat Reducer.
Contoured seat with a lifted back which reduces the chance of the user sliding. A recessed slot enables the splash guard 31/2”H to smoothly slide on and off the seat. Fits standard and elongated seats. Inner opening: 61/2”W x 71/2”D. Overall: 141/2”W x 151/2”L.
550328 Grey 566396 Blue
Our Popular Flexible Splash Guard.
Stable rubber deflector/splash guard pro- tects against toileting accidents. Soft and flexible for comfort and safety. Installs quickly and easily onto standard home, institutional and open-front toilet seats with 10”L straps. 6”W x 51/2”H x 41/2”. 41/2” deflector has 3/4” dip to close gap between seat and bowl. Latex free.
P Splash Guard. Prevents embarrassing and non-hygienic accidents. Fixes with self- adhesive pads to any porcelain toilet, or with screws to any raised toilet seat. Easy to clean. Safe soft flexible cup. Jointed links allow variable positioning. From a seated position, the cup deflects urine down into the toilet. Height 63/4”.
Seat Reducers may be used
with regular toilet seats, commodes and shower/commode chairs.

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