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Extra light for easier handling and use
Clip for Feather ReachTM. Fastens reachers to canes, walkers, wheelchairs and hospital bed rails to keep them nearby. Fits most reachers when tubing is less than 9/16” in diameter. Package of 10.
Economy Reachers
Features storage clip, yellow jaw opening and slip-resistant surface
Sammons Preston® Feather ReachTM Reacher. Lightweight aluminum, with a highly visible 3” yellow jaw opening and slip-resistant surface for a secure hold on items. Includes comfortable ergonomic handle, magnetic tip to pick up metal objects, and a clip for storing the reacher on a walker or wheelchair. A post on the end can be used to pull items close, or as an aid for dressing (not on folding model).
A66517 Standard-26”, 7 oz.
081506401 Feather Reach Reacher, 26”-Pack of 20 A66518 Long-32”, 8 oz.
A66513 Folding - 211/4”, 71/2 oz.
A6656 Compact - 153/4”, 51/2 oz.
Save $ money when you purchase packages of 20!
Sammons Preston® Feather ReachTM Economy Reacher. Lightweight aluminum with 21/2” jaw opening and a rubber tip to assure a secure hold on items. Includes a magnet for picking up metal objects, and a post on the end for use in pulling items closer or as an aid with dressing.
A665008 Standard-26”, 7 oz. A665009 Long-32”, 8 oz.
Etac Lightweight Reacher with Nonslip Jaws. Indispensable for reaching myriad objects or as dressing aids, these reachers feature striated plastic jaws that securely grip round and square objects with minimum grasp strength from the user. Adjustable 360° turning jaws conveniently set at any angle, eliminating arm-turning. Handle has a magnet to pick up small metal objects. 31/4”W jaw capacity. Latex free. 6117 28” Reacher 41/2 oz.
611701 18” Reacher 3 oz.

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