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Traction Spreader Bar. Measures 12” wide. Made of chrome-plated steel. Latex free.
Disposable Traction Head Halter.
Convenient and simple to use. Two cord loops connect chin and occiput pads (spreader bar not included). Adjusts to fit any client. Box of 12. Latex free. 3833
Treatment Furniture Cervical Traction
Saunders Cervical Hometrac® Deluxe.
Multi-angle (15°, 20° or 25°) cervical home traction device directs up to 50 lbs. of traction force toward the occiput,
thereby preventing TMJ compression
and discomfort. Handheld pump
with pressure relief valve increases or decreases traction force. Neck wedges adjust to any neck size with the turn of a knob. Includes removable headstrap sleeve
for added comfort, car- rying case and user’s guide. Measures 15” x 11”. 921145
Receive the benefits of traction at home.
Cervical Posture Pump®. Recommended by thousands of doctors and health care professionals nationwide because it gets to the cause of head, neck and back discom- fort. This unit carefully lifts and separates the neck and back joints better than ordi- nary traction devices and exercise. Relieves neck stiffness and improves flexibility. 551324
Sammons Preston® Over-Door Traction Set. Fits over any door; requires no installation. Includes traction support bracket, two pulleys, spreader bar, nylon cord, weight carrier, medium canvas head sling and three 21/2 lb. weights.
3880 Over-Door Traction Set with Weights
3851 Nylon Rope, 100 feet 2585 Weight Carrier
Sammons Preston® Economy Overdoor Traction with Waterbag. Seated traction kit for the home. Package includes bracket, head halter, spreader bar and water bag with 20-lb. capacity. 551544
Treatment Furniture

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