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Prime Engineering Symmetry Stander. Designed to properly position and support every client while standing, sitting or transitioning. This comfortable, easy-to-use solid seat stander has all of the components needed to complete your standing program. Includes sliding padded seat, flip-up depth-adjustable knee pad, adjustable height, toe-in, toe-out, plantar-flexion and dorsiflexion shoe holders, height- and depth-adjustable table top, adjustable chest pad, hydraulic actuator, flip-back padded armrests, transport base with 3” plastic casters and black frame. Accommodates clients 5’0”–6’5”; 275-lb. weight capacity.
Optional Accessories
(must be ordered at time of initial purchase)
560409 Hip Guides. Easy-to-adjust for
positioning alignment. Requires low
back assembly.
560410 Low Back. 9” tall assembly supplies
lower back support and speci c seat
depth when required.
560411 Extended Back. Mounts to low back to
create a 20”H back. Requires low back
560412 Lateral Supports. 6” x 6” triangle-
shaped pads adjust for width and move with the sliding back assembly. Requires back assembly.
560413 Independent Knees
Standing Systems
Treatment Furniture
Base narrows for passage through standard doorways
Grandstand III Modular Standing Frame. Hydraulic lift system allows users to complete transfers independently from wheelchairs, beds, mat tables and other seated surfaces. Multiple foot systems increase client height range and allow Grandstand to function as a stander, lift or transfer device. Standard features include 3” plastic casters, depth and height-adjustable chest pad, adjustable-height clear table top, pull-to-place sling, quick-release upper body support belt and depth- and height-adjustable knee pad.
Optional Accessories
Grandstand III Modular Standing Frame Speci cations:
Base Closed
271/2”W x 401/4”D
Base Open
351/2”W x 401/4”D
250 lbs.
3’0” to 6’5”
Height-Adjustable Foot System.
Allows Grandstand to be mobile while in use.
Multi-Adjustable Foot System.
Allows Grandstand to be mobile while in use. Plantar/dorsi exion adjustments.
Multi-Adjustable Knee System.
Velcro Foot Straps
Treatment Furniture

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