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Clinical Furniture
Kangoo® MaxRac with Mirror.
Interior storage area has three shelves to accommodate additional items, while the top of the unit has a raised edge to prevent items from rolling off and provides even more storage. Door to interior storage area has an optional mirror on
the outside. Four 4” casters (two locking) allow for effortless mobility. Compact dimensions are 28”L x 28”D x 64”H. Exercise supplies sold separately.
516202   Kangoo® Mobile
MaxRac with mirror
516201   Kangoo® Mobile MaxRac without
Kangoo® Super Weight Wagon. Four storage sections and a full shelf on top pro- vide ample storage. Solid construction and Formica® covering make this weight wagon durable, attractive and easy to clean. Four 4” swivel casters (2 locking) allow wagon mobility. Measures 48”L x 24”W x 361/2”D. Exercise equipment sold separately. 925167
Combo Mirror/Cuff Weight, Band & Dumbbell Rac. Mobile storage rack holds up to 32 cuff weights, 22 dumbbells and
6 rolls of exercise band or tubing spools (weights, bands and tubing not included).
Features include:
• 6 independent, easy-change positions for
holding your choice of exercise bands (50
yds.) and/or tubing
• Solid surface, no pegboard to chip,
protective bumper molding around base
and hollow core center
• Cuff weight sliding hook system makes
lateral positioning fast and easy
The full-length glass mirror has polished edges and ANSI safety backing. Strong, polycarbonate dumbbell rods are angled for added stability. 3” swivel casters.
Mobile Cuff Weight & Dumbbell Rac.
Holds up to 32 cuff weights and 22 dumb- bells (not included).
Features include:
• Solid surface—no pegboard to chip
• Cuff weight sliding hook system for quick, easy lateral positioning
• Protective bumper molding around ends Strong, polycarbonate dumbbell rods angled for added stability. Easy-clean, all-laminate construction. 3” swivel casters.
Kangoo® Mobile
Super Max Rack. Space-efficient system stores 22 dumbbells, 64 cuff weights, 24 rehab weight bars, six 50-yard rolls of exer- cise bands and four 25-yard rolls of Velcro® hook and loop. Unique cuff weight “sliding hook” system allows lateral positioning of hooks at any point. Strong polycarbonate rods are angled to store dumbbells safely with a backward lean. Velcro Rac is remov- able, providing additional shelf space if needed. Solid construction and Formica® covering make this storage system durable, attractive and easy to clean. Four 4”
swivel casters (two locking) allow mobility. Measures a space-saving 28”D x 28”W x 66”H. Drawers provide 201/4”W x 19”D x 43/4”H of usable space. Exercise supplies sold separately.
Clinical Furniture & Supplies

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