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Infection Control Clinical Furniture Supplies that keep any clinic running smoothly
Alcohol free
Matt-KleenTM All Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner. Highly concentrated fungicidal disinfectant requires only 2 oz. to make one full gallon of solution. Can be used
on treatment tables, gym mats and hard surfaces to control the spread of infection. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN CANADA. 081222587
SaniZide PlusTM. Broad spectrum disinfec- tant/deodorizer for environmental surfaces. It’s convenient, fast acting and multi- purpose. The alcohol-free formulation also is a non-corrosive, non-flammable, EPA reg- istered, quaternary ammonium compound effective against TB, HIV, Hepatitis B (HBV), MRSA, Vancomycin intermediate-resistant staphyloccus aureus (VISA), VRE and more. Non-selective odor suppressant chemically attacks odor-causing microorganisms at their source, leaving a pleasant, long- lasting fragrance after use. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN CANADA.
550931 16-oz. Spray 550932 32-oz. Spray 550933 Gallon Refill
tested and
EPA registered
specifically for
Granted 510(k)
clearance by
FDA for use on
medical devices. Effective in simultaneous hard water and 5% serum and against pathogens (HIV-1 and MRSA). Broad spectrum activity demonstrated against rep- resentative Gram + and Gram - bacteria, fungi and viruses. Guaranteed compatible with whirlpool bathing and dispensing sys- tems. 1-gallon bottle. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN CANADA.
Wavicide-01® Disinfecting Solution.
30-day, 2.65% glutaraldehyde solution; meets FDA 510K. Long shelf life: one year open, unused in bottle. Ready to use at room temperature; no mixing, shaking, activation. Sterilization: 10 hours at 22°C. High-level disinfection: 45 minutes at 22°C. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN CANADA. 564086 Quart
564087 Gallon
Envirocide® Disinfectant Cleaner.
Effective against TB, HIV-1 and all other pathogens of concern. EPA registered for use on instruments, equipment and all sur- faces. Safe for the user—no glutaraldehyde, no phenols, no bleach and non-flammable. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN CANADA. 081506195 24-oz. Spray
081506203 Gallon
MadaCide FD Germicidal Solution.
One-step air dry surface broad spectrum formula is alcohol based, fungicidal and EPA registered. MadaCide FD kills Influenza A, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, TB, MRSA,
VRE, SARS. Unique anticorrosion formu- lation will not damage lenses, cement, plastics, rubber, steel, aluminum, brass or other metal when used as directed. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN CANADA. 081506229 32-oz. Pump
081506245 Gallon
Clinical Furniture & Supplies

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