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Mettler Electrotherapy Cart.
The model 73 cart has three shelves and two handles to hold any Mettler Electronics Sonicator, Sys*Stim or Sonicator Plus unit(s) along with their accessories. It is a light-weight, low- cost alternative.
Mettler® Electrotherapy. These units feature panels designed
to simplify parameter selection,
flashing LEDs to direct you through treatment set-up and soft-touch intensity control knobs to allow for ac- curate output intensity adjustment. Waveforms include: Microcurrent, High Volt, Interferential, Premodulated Interferential, Biphasic and Medium Frequency (Russian Stim). The combination products feature ultrasound with 1 and 3 MHz and come with a 5cm2 applicator.
2956 Sonicator Plus® 992 (2-channel combination)
2957 Sonicator Plus® 994 (4-channel combination)
926132 Replacement Electrode Cable Optional Soundheads
2957A 1cm2 (3MHz) applicator 2957B 10cm2 (1MHz) applicator 551692 5cm2 (1+3MHz) applicator 551903 Replacement Soundhead Cable
Sonicator® 740 and 740X Ultrasound. This dual frequency ultra- sound device features a large LDC display
Includes a dual frequency (1/3MHz) 5cm2 applicator. The 740 offers 4 pulsed modes - 10, 20, 50 and 100%. The 740x has all the features of the 740, but includes a 10cm2 and a 1cm2 applicator. The universal applicator cable allows therapist to quickly interchange applicators.
561420 740 Ultrasound with 5 cm Soundhead 561430 740X with 3 Applicators
561421 1 cm Soundhead
561423 10 cm Soundhead
561424 Optional Battery Pack
Sys* Stim® 228. A two-channel stimulator featuring 4 waveforms – Interferential, Premodulated, Russian and
Biphasic – and a selection of treatment modes that include Surge, Reciprocation, Surge with Reciprocation and Vector Rotation. Can be set up in the two-timer mode, so two sepa- rate treatment protocols or two separate patients may be treated simultaneously.
567928 200
Sonicator® Plus 940. Four channel unit combines
1 and 3 MHz ultrasound with eight
treatment waveforms: Interferential,
Premodulated, Medium Frequency
(Russian), EMS, High Volt, TENS,
Microcurrent and Direct Current.
Included is a dual-frequency 5.5cm2, 1
/ 3 MHz applicator. Features back-lit
LCD touch panel, 61 preset programs and space for 80 user-defined programs. 563765 Sonicator Plus 940 Unit
563766 1 cm2, 1 / 3 MHz applicator 563767 5.5 cm2, 1 / 3 MHz applicator
Sonicator® Plus 930 Combination
Unit. This combo unit features a
1 and 3 MHz -5 cm applicator for therapeutic ultrasound and the three most popular stimulation waveforms interferential, premodulated and medium frequency (Russian). Initiate treatments with as few as three key- strokes and adjust intensity with the twist of a dial.
922907 Sonicator Plus 930
926132 Replacement Electrode Cable

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