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IontoPatch® 80
Treats most areas including elbows, knees, wrists, feet and shoulders. 80mA-min. 14-hour average patient wear time.*
Treats most areas including elbows, knees, wrists, feet and shoulders. 80mA-min. 4-hour av- erage patient wear time.*
IontoPatch® SP
Treats smaller areas including fingers and Achilles tendon. 40mA-min. 14-hour average patient wear time.*
IontoPatch Extra Strength®
Stronger dose (120mA-min)
for more aggressive yet safe treatment. Treats most areas including elbows, knees, wrists, feet and shoulders. 120mA- min. 8-hour average patient wear time.*
Item No.
IontoPatch® 80, Box of 6
IontoPatchSTAT®. Box of 6
IontoPatch® SP. Box of 6
IontoPatch Extra Strength®. Box of 6
I-BresisTM Hybrid Iontophoresis System Designed to accelerate drug delivery through hybrid iontophoresis technology. For medica- tions with positive or negative polarity.
• I-Bresis Patch’s built-in batteries and ergonomic design allow fast application and fill-and-go efficiency. May be used with or without the dose controller.
• I-Bresis Dose Controller Delivery flexibility allows clinicians to select the perfect treatment combination for each individual patient.
• I-Bresis Charging Station Keeps the dose controllers charged between uses.
Companion 80TM Wireless Iontophoresis System. Wireless system allows patients to receive the benefits of iontophoresis while continuing their daily activities. Key features include:
• Current-regulating circuitry compensates for differences and changes in skin resistance.
• Dose cutoff switch is activated at 80mA-min.
• Reserve battery capacity allows for long electrode
life (no expiration date).
• Short circuit protection ensures quality drug
• Adhesive is flexible and conformable.
553848 Companion 80 (Six electrodes, saline vials and alcohol preps)
454727 Vial Venting System
Companion 80TM Technical Speci cations
Approx. Fill Volume Active Area Maximum Dosage Conductive Element Treatment Time Voltage
1.1 cc
6.45 cm2
80 mA-min. Silver-Silver Chloride 24 hours
1.5 volts
Item No.
I-Bresis Patch Box Of 6
DJO Specialty
I-Bresis Dose Controller
DJO Specialty
I-Bresis Charging Station
DJO Specialty

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