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Moist Heat Therapy
PerformaTM HydraThermTM.
Setting the new standard for infection prevention in thermotherapy. HydraTherm features a composite mold-proof, rust-proof tub that’s bacteria resistant and requires cleaning only 2 times a year, as opposed
to 2 times a month. Digital thermostat on the front panel allows for easy temperature reading and documentation. (High water temperature settings of 165°F are not required to deter mold growth when HydraTherm is used in conjunction with Richmar HydraHeat packs.)
081686120 Deluxe, Divider system 081686138 Deluxe, Rack system 081686088 Standard, Divider system 081686096 Standard, Rack system
PerformaTM HydraHeatTM. Packs feature a bacteria-resistant outer material to help prevent cross-contamination and are virtually indestructible, so there’s no need to worry about the mess that comes with burst seams. Designed to work in any heating unit, they’re pliable to the skin for optimal heating and comfort.
081686146 Oversize, 17” x 13” 081686153 Universal, 19” x 5” 081686161 Neck/cervical, 17” x 11” 081686179 Standard, 17” x 11”

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