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Paraf n Baths & Accessories
Therabath®. Fully insulated, this heavy-duty bath is energy efficient for low-cost operation, with thermostatic control to maintain a medically prescribed temperature automatically. The large inner tank fits hands, feet and elbows, yet the compact outer case requires little counter space (143/8” x 8” x 73/4”). CETL and CE listed. Kit contains bath, 6 lbs. ScentFreeTM par- affin, a pair of insulated mitts and box of 100 liners.
Item No.
Therabath Kit
Therabath with 6 lbs. Wintergreen Paraf n
Therabath with 6 lbs. ScentFreeTM Paraf n
Insulated Mitts (pair)
Insulated Boots (pair)
Liners for Mitts or Boots, 100
Heated Mitt, Single
Heated Mitt, Pair
Cleansing Spray, 8 oz.
Premium Therabath®. The Natural Tan outer case and Black aluminum-anodized inner tank add class and sophistication to the classic white paraffin baths that have been in the market for decades. The Black tank helps to mask airborne impurities that may fall in the unit. The Natural Tan Therabath comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty—an extension over the current 5-year warranty available with the standard Therabath—and 9 lbs. of Therabath Professional Refill paraffin.
DicksonTM Paraffin Baths.
Baths are finished with solid hardwood
moldings that are contoured to provide a
comfortable, cool rest for an arm or leg. Also includes a heated drain for easy paraffin removal and a timer-controlled, high-heat sterilizing circuit. Activating the timer allows for an unattended hour of sterilizing high-heat temperature. Both units come with a stand on casters. A removable bi-metal thermometer that is recessed in the hardwood molding is included for added safety. The PB-104’s treatment tank measures 14”L x 7”W x 91/2”D. The PB-105 tank measures 25”L x 111/2”W x 10”D.
3554   PB-104 Standard Paraffin Bath, 22-lb. capacity
3550   PB-105 Deluxe Paraffin Bath, 50-lb. capacity
DicksonTM Clinic Paraffin Bath.
Compact unit has a timed melting or sterilizing circuit, making it ideal for hos- pitals, clinics or nursing homes. Tank is constructed with corrosion-resistant stain- less steel. Includes stainless steel cover and 6 lbs. of paraffin. Measures 17” x 81/2” x 83/4”. Interior tank dimensions are 12” x 6” x 6”. Height on stand: 271/2”. Paraffin capacity: 6–8 lbs. UL, CUL and CE approved.
923574 Clinic Paraffin Bath
357401   Stand for Clinic and Office Paraffin Baths
Paraffin Baths.
Durable stainless steel
tank has double-walled
insulation. Features an
automatic thermostat control and
hospital-grade power cord. Includes paraffin. Interior dimensions: Small bath: 13”L x 7”W x 73/4”H; Large bath: 21”L x 13”W x 7”H. 3552 18-lb. bath
566670 6-lb. bath

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