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Item No.
Sell Packaging
2” x 2.5 yds
16 rolls
4” x 2.5 yds
8 rolls
4” x 7.5 yds
6 rolls
Item No.
Sell Packaging
4” x 4”
Item No.
Sell Packaging
2” x 2”
4” x 4”
6” x 6”
Wound & Scar Care
Wound Care Dressings
Maxorb Extra AG. The same features as the Maxorb to the left with added antimicrobial protection. Releases silver ions in a controlled manner for up to four days.
56693601 1” x 12”, 5/bx. 56693603 4” x 4.75”, 10/bx.
CoFlex® AFD. Absorbent Foam Dressing with all-in-one foam pad dressing and cohesive bandage. High absorption and retention of exudate reduces risk of maceration. Soft and comfortable CoFlex® LF2 base improves patient compliance; heals faster. Waterproof film layer over foam pad prevents leakage, drying out and contamina- tion. Provides controlled compression. Non-adherent to wound
bed, protects delicate granulation tissue and avoids trauma during dressing changes. Non-sterile.
SilvaSorbTM. Polyacrylate sheet combines controlled-release antimi- crobial silver with advanced fluid management. Absorbs more than
5 times its weight in exudates while helping provide a barrier against infection for up to 7 days. SilvaSorbTM perforated sheets for flat wounds with moderate to heavy exudates and SilvaSorbTM Hydrogel for dry wounds. Latex free.
55000101 Perforated Sheet, 41/4” x 41/4”, 5/bx. 55000104 Wound Gel, 1 oz.
Absorbs exudate
from wound and
creates a protec-
tive cushioning
gel and optimal
moist healing
environment. Protective gel binds exudate and helps prevent skin maceration. Easy, painless dressing removal minimizes patient dis- comfort. Absorbs approximately 20 times the dressing’s weight.
HydraFoamTM Hydrophilic
Foam Wound Dressing.
HydraFoam is a highly
absorbent hydrophilic foam
dressing. Hydrophilic foam’s wicking ability decreases maceration issues. Maintains a moist wound environment. Conforms easily to awkward-to-dress areas. Protects and cushions the wound.
Elasto-Gel Wound Dressing. An absorbent hydrogel sheet dressing designed to provide the optimum wound healing environ- ment. Management of pressure ulcers (stage I-IV), diabetic-related ulcers and wounds, surgical wounds, skin tears and 1st and 2nd de- gree burns. May be used in the management of scars, as a cast and splint pad and for minor pressure relief. Absorbs large quantities of aqueous fluids to control moisture at the wound site. Its cushioning properties are far superior to other hydrogels and hydrocolloids. A high percentage of glycerine offers bacteriostatic action that is ab- sent in other hydrogel dressings. Provides protection from shock and friction. Box of 5. Latex free.
Wound & Scar Care

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