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DermaKlenz, 4 oz.
DermaKlenz, 8 oz. (Spray)
Wound & Scar Care
Wound & Scar Care
16-oz. bottle
Skintegrity Wound Cleanser. Facilitates removal of debris and proteinaceous mate- rial from the wound. Non-cytotoxic, with a non-ionic surfactant that offers gentle yet thorough cleansing action. Sprayer delivers a PSI level of 8.6 at 3” spraying distance, which falls within AHCPR guidelines of 4–15 PSI. Cleans a wide variety of wounds, including Stage II-IV pressure ulcers, partial and full thickness wounds, and infected or non-infected wounds.
DermaKlenzTM Wound Cleanser.
DermaKlenz is a gentle spray cleanser for removing foreign material. Contains zinc acetate without detergents. No rinsing required. Adjustable spray nozzle creates di- rect stream or gentle mist with appropriate PSI to facilitate the removal of debris.
SafeWashTM Sterile Saline Wound Wash. SafeWash is a sterile sa- line wound wash spray containing 0.9% so- dium chloride. Delivers safe irrigation pressure for wound dressing irrigation and pain-
less wound cleansing. Revolutionary point- and-spray technology sprays even upside down. Preservative and drug free. Contains no CFCs.
Amerigel® Wound Wash. Sterile first-aid cleanser for wounds, cuts and abrasions. Promotes faster healing with no bruising or stinging. Pressurized delivery safely
and effectively removes harmful bacteria and debris.
567638 4 oz.
Sterile Saline Wipes. Eliminates cross contamination and waste of bottled saline solution. Contains lint-free applicator satu- rated with an isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Unfolded wipe size: 3” x 4”.
Box of 24.
Sterile Water for Irrigation, USP.
Used to irrigate wounds and burns for clearing out debris. Bacteria free; reduces chance of infection. Box of 48. 35005M
Irrigation Solution Saline. 0.9% sodium chloride. For irrigation in plastic pour bottles. Case of 48 jars of 100mL. 563040
Neosporin® Ointment. Helps prevent infection; heals minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Triple-antibiotic: contains polymyxin B sulfate, bacitracin zinc and neomycin sulfate in white petroleum base.
69570 1-oz. tube
Wound & Scar Care

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