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Scar Tissue Massagers Wound & Scar Care
Rolyan® Mini Massager. Compact but powerful massager includes three heads for concen- trated massage
Includes three head attachments
of specific areas.
Cap can be left
on for massage
over larger areas. Battery-operated
massager vibrates at approxi- mately 5,500 cycles per minute. Battery included.
556247 Replacement Heads
Rolyan® Micro Mini Massager.
Ideal for use on small areas like the hand. Includes three attachments and a AA battery.
Rolyan® Scar Tissue Massage Tool.
Softens scar tissue and adhesions. Can be used for desensitization and sensory evaluations. Plastic tip,
wooden handle. Set of 2. Latex free.
Rolyan® Roller Scar Tissue Massage
Tool. Easy-to-use roller-ball massage tool is effective at applying deep massage for scar reduction.
Anatomically designed handle allows many different grip posi- tions for extended use. Latex free.
For other massagers, see pages 304–305.
NorcoTM Mini Vibrator. Ideal for scar massage, desensitization, muscle stimulation, oral stimulation and sensory re-education. Choose from three attachments to target specific small muscles. Each head vibrates at 92 cycles per second with an amplitude of 0.06 mm. Includes C battery.
Point Relief Massagers. Provide a comfortable vibrating massage for small areas to help break up scars. Available with heat. Includes 5 massage heads and 1 C battery. Latex free.
56696402 With heat
Wound & Scar Care

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