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Two-Speed All-Body Massager. Hand-held mas- sager for gentle or deep massage. Ergonomically de- signed with multi-grip handle for complete comfort. Includes four attachments.
Heat Therapy Massagers.
Dual-speed massagers with four attachments and two heat settings. Amplitude at low speed is 1 mm with 60 vibrations per second; at high speed, 1 mm amplitude with 120 vibrations per second. 120 V. 2-prong plug. Weighs 1.2 lbs. UL listed. Deluxe comes with a soft
carrying case. 554294 Standard
Item No.
BFF Electric Foam Roller
White Buff Cover
Blue Buff Cover
Massage & Wellness
Electric Massagers
Hot & Cold Therapeutic Massager.
Soothing hot and cold therapy in one mas- sager. Features 2 speeds for gentle or deep massage. Heats to 130°F and cools to 48°F. Includes 4 attachments. Weighs 2 lbs. 567587
The BFF Turbo Electric Foam
Roller. A muscle recovery tool designed to easily relieve muscle pain and
aches. Its intense buffing and vibrations de- sensitizes the soft tissue in order for users to go deeper into tight fascia and muscles with less pain. As a replacement for foam rollers, the turbo device proves great for
athletes for a quick muscle recovery.
Deep Tissue Massager. Percussion-style therapeutic massage relieves pain and fatigue. Variable-speed dial adjusts the mas- sage intensity. Kit comes with four different attachments to customize the massage for different parts of the body. The massager is corded for maximum power.
Deluxe Wand Full-Size Massager. A deluxe, dual speed massager that features three interchangeable heads. Flexible neck conforms to all areas of the body. Fast and easy relief from everyday aches and tension. Corded massager for maximum power.
Massage & Wellness

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