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TheraBand® Individual Professional Resistance Bands. 5-foot pre-cut packs. 30 packs per dispensing box.
552213 552214 552215 552216 552217   Black
Yellow Red Green Blue
Exercise Supplies  Resistance Aids
TheraBand® Stretch Strap. Designed exclusively for stretching, with loops for comfort and progress. Engineered with a small amount of elasticity, the Stretch Strap delivers a high degree of stretch con- trol and is suited for “dynamic” stretching, including those stretches that otherwise require a partner.
• “Dynamic” stretch supports a variety of hand and foot holds to
deliver optimal positioning.
• Provides a more comfortable and beneficial “dynamic” stretch
of major muscle groups like gastroc, rectus femoris, soleus and
• Marked with numbered sections to visually track progress, set
goals and note limitations.
• Includes basic exercise instructions written by a licensed physical
TheraBand® Professional Resistance Band Loop. These contin- uous band loops act as a comfortable alternative for tying bands into loops. They follow the TheraBand® System of Progressive Resistance (see above). Ideal for lower extremity, shoulder, neck, core and back applications, both in the clinic and for home exercise programs.
8” Loop
969197 Yellow 969198 Red 969199 Green 969200 Blue 12” Loop
969201 Yellow 969202 Red 969203 Green 969204  Blue 18” Loop
969205  Yellow 969206  Red 969207  Green 969208  Blue
TheraBand® Tube with Soft Handles. Provides the
same resistance, system of progression and preferred quality as authentic TheraBandTM Resistance Bands and Tubing,
with the added convenience of attached handles for a ready-to-use clinical or home solution. Available in 6 TheraBandTM colors and re- sistances, with the premium comfort of soft handle grips, or standard PVC handle grips. Each tube is a minimum of 48” in length, supplied in attractive retail packaging for patient resale or economical bulk packaging, and comes with usage and safety instructions.
Yellow, Thin, 48”
Red, Medium, 48” Green, Heavy, 48” Blue, Extra Heavy, 48” Black, Extra Heavy, 50”
Exercise Supplies

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