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Exercise Supplies
Fitterfirst Slant Board. Targets arch, calf, hamstring and hip. Features three levels (26°, 38°, 42°) and non-slip top and bottom sur- faces. Easily folds flat for storage or transport. 554296
Economy Calf Stretcher. Standing on this 30° angle wooden foot platform stretches the calf, hamstrings and other hip and foot muscles. Nonskid surfaces ensure stability. 111/2” W x 123/4”H. 400-lb. weight capacity. 550899
Multi-Angle Plastic Slant Board.
Features four positions (10°, 15°, 20° and 3° inclines). Weight capacity: 300 lbs. Measures 14” x 14”. Weighs 7 lbs. 568190
Exercise Board with Legs (Powder Board).
Ideal for lower extremity exercise. 21/2’ x 31/2’ ply- wood, with Masonite® top and four folding legs. 7” high. Latex free.
Allows clinician to customize exercises.
Targets specific musculature.
Ankle IsolatorTM.
Innovative product allows
clinicians to customize
proprioceptive exercises,
open-chain exercises and
stretching by targeting spe-
cific muscles in the lower
leg. The patented foot plate
has a biomechanically en-
gineered isolation channel
that allows clinicians to place the adjustable weight column (adjusts in half-pound increments) in just the right position for each exercise.
A quick-reference slide rule helps clinicians customize client protocols.
Ankle IsolatorTM Case. Durable, hard-sided case allows portability and storage.
Prostretch® Ankle Exerciser. Maintains safe, stable align- ment of the ankle joint for a consistent stretch every time. The Standard Single and Standard Double are made from heavy-duty rigid plastic. Standard sizes fit shoe sizes from 6–13.
A81814 Standard Single 92450501 Standard Double
Fitter® Slide. Ideal for orthopedic and sports rehabilitation clinics, this 8’ slide board is great for developing lateral strength, endurance, balance, agility and flexibility. Each board comes with cotton “speed” booties, biomechanically correct end ramps that adjust in one-foot increments and an instruction book. Non-slip reinforced rubber on bottom of the slide board holds it in place on floor or carpet. Booties are one size fits all.
925094   Slide 8”
552102 Replacement Speed Booties/Pair
Exercise Supplies

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