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Item No.
Patient Weight
Neck Circ.
Small (16”H x 12”W x 11/2”)
20–40 lbs.
Medium (20”H x 13”W x 2”)
30–50 lbs.
Large (22”H x 14”W x 3”)
50–175 lbs.
Dipsters® Hydrotherapy Wear. Disposable, but strong enough to be washed and reused up to 10 times. Fast drying, comfortable Dipsters are opaque even when wet. Men’s are boxer-style shorts with elastic waist and full supporter. Women’s are one piece with stretch- able middle section and elasticized legs; top
is held in place with elastic trim and tie at the neck. Package of 12.
Dipsters for Men.
For size, measure circumference of waist.
A897310 A897311 A897312 A897313 A897314 A897315
Small (30”–33”) Medium (34”–37”) Large (38”–41”) X-Large (42”–45”) XX-Large (46”–49”) XXX-Large (50”–52”)
Dipsters for Women.
Size according to dress size.
A897300 Small (6–8)
A897301 Medium (10–12)
A897302 Large (14–16)
A897303 X-Large (18–20)
A897304 XX-Large (22–24)
A897305 XXX-Large (26–28)
CanDo® Pool Noodle. Superior comfort and durability. Holds up to 200 lbs. Bends and contorts with ease. Measures 21/4” diameter x 54” long.
Aqua PowerTM Swim Ankle and Wrist Weights.
Steel weights covered in waterproof yellow vinyl can be added or removed as required. Cushioned flap protects wrists and an- kles and keeps weight secure; while slip-proof buckle and touch fastener closure makes them easy to remove. Latex free. 501001 5 lb. pair of ankle weights
501002 4 lb. pair of wrist weights
Exercise Supplies  Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic Head Float. Freely supports the head of one with limited mobility without pres- sure on the spinal column. The Aquatic Head Float is made of latex-free foam.
TheraBand® Hand Bars. Comfortable handles of smooth foam have capped ends and provide buoyancy, resulting in resis- tance when moved underwater. 3 resistance sizes: Light provides 21/2 lbs. of force underwater; medium provides 4 lbs. and heavy provides 6 lbs. of force. Sold in pairs.
92488101 Light
92488102 Medium
92488103 Heavy
Exercise Supplies

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