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Exercise Supplies
Vyper 2.0 The game changer. Vyper 2.0. Cutting-edge, eco-friendly fitness and recovery roller uses pressure and vibration to improve overall bodily performance. This new version of the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller, complete with a dual zone exterior, is more durable, stronger and sleeker than ever. Increases circulation, range of motion and flexibility. Relaxes muscles for a more comfortable roll, and reduces soreness for faster recovery. Digital circuitry control with 3-speed settings delivers maximum vibration to mus- cles. Runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (2+ hours per charge). German engineered. 7100927
Hypersphere. While other therapy balls offer effective soft tissue therapy, Hypersphere takes the experience to a new level by adding maximum vibration, intensity and frequency. Its localized application unlocks the tightest trouble spots (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) for increased range of motion and improved circulation. Features digital circuitry control with 3 speed settings and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that hold 2+ hours of use per charge. Textured rubber exterior provides grip and balance as muscles are relaxed and soreness is reduced. Compact and portable for easy travel and transportation. Used by the world’s best athletes to improve performance, warm up and recover from training and competition. Available in electric green and stealth black.
RAD ALL-IN KIT. Can’t decide which RAD massage, point release or muscle-flushing tool to add to your cart? We’ll make it easy for you. Snag all five at once and we’ll hook you up with this exclusive discounted price. Just consider it our gift to you for being so darn rad. Kit includes RAD Roller, RAD Rounds, RAD Rod, RAD Helix and RAD Block.
TheraBand® Pro Foam Rollers. Made of
a highly durable closed-cell foam technology intended for use with the patent-pending Thera-Band® Foam Roller Wraps+ or as a stand-alone device. They can be used in-clinic, as part of a home exercise program or patient/ client self-initiated wellness routine. All Foam Rollers are individually packaged with detailed color exercise instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises divided
by muscle region to facilitate HomeEx and in- clinic use.
567550 6” x 12”, Round
567551 6” x 36”, Round
567552 6” x 36”, Half-Round
The BFF Turbo Electric Foam Roller.
This muscle recovery tool is designed to easily relieve muscle pain and aches. Its intense buffing and vibrations desensitize the soft tissue in order for users to go deeper into tight fascia and muscles with less pain. As a replacement for foam rollers, the turbo device proves great for athletes for a quick muscle recovery. 081710482 BFF Electric Foam Roller 081710490 White Buff Cover
081710508 Blue Buff Cover
Exercise Supplies

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