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Baseline® Disposable Monofilaments. Individual 5.07 monofilaments. Choose from LOPS (loss of preventive sensation) or LEAP (lower extremity amputation prevention) program. 566693 LOPS, Set of One
566694 LOPS, Pack of 20
566695 LEAP, Set of One
566696 LEAP, Pack of 20
Baseline® Wartenburg Steel Pinwheel. For evaluation of cutaneous sensory and pain perception responses. Made of steel, it can be sterilized to ensure safe use on each client. 61/2"L
(17 cm) with 1" (2.54 cm) diameter head. Dishwasher safe. 7532
Baseline® Two-
and Three-Point
Determines the two-point
threshold of touch. Easy-
to-read slide scales are
calibrated to the nearest
0.1 cm. Plastic tips minimize influence of temperature on sensa- tion. Three-point model allows alternating between two and one-point testing without adjusting points between each trial. 7455 Two-point
7527 Three-point
Baseline® DISCRIM-
A-GONTM. Consists of two
separate 2-point discrimina-
tion octagons (D1 and D2).
Each octagon measures a
different range of 16 la-
beled, fixed 2-point intervals
ranging from 1 to 25 mm
for accurate and consistent
measurements. Easy-to-use,
lightweight plastic wheel is the perfect sensory evaluation tool to test static and dynamic one- and two-point discrimination. 563235
DISCRIM-A-GON comes with a set of 2 octagons, each with 8 labeled 2-point distances
Jamar® Disposable
Monofilaments. Easy-touch
motion to evaluate and prevent
sensation loss in diabetic foot
screening. Every disposable
monofilament includes an in-
struction card highlighting test
sites. LOPS (loss of preventive
sensation) illustrates 5 test sites
for the bottom of each foot. LEAP (lower extremity amputation preven- tion) shows 9 test sites for the bottom and 3 for the top of each foot. 081517036 LOPS 5.07, Pack of 20
081517051 LEAP 5.07, Pack of 20
Jamar® Discriminator.Tests static and moving one- and two-point discrimination. Set includes two disks that quantify innervation density from 1 to 25 mm.
Foot Sensory Screening
Test. Results are achieved
with a monofilament. Using
a smooth motion, touch the
monofilament to the skin
on your foot. Touch on the
side of–NOT directly on–an
ulcer, callus or scar. Leave the
filament on skin for one to
two seconds, pushing hard
enough to make it bend.
Includes card with instruction
and illustrations of both feet highlighting nine test sites for each foot. 081599489 Size 5.07, Pack of 10
081599497 Size 5.07, Pack of 100
Disposable Pinwheel.
Use the pinwheel to elicit cutaneous sensory and pain perception responses. 566697 Plastic 2
Touch-Test® Two-Point Discriminator.
Rounded tips are spaced at standard testing intervals from 1–15 mm apart. A 20 and 25 mm spacing are also given. One disk setting tests from 1–8 mm, the other from 9–15 mm. To change settings, just rotate the top disk until it clicks into place. Instructions and a pro- tective carrying case are included.

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