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Sammons Preston® Economy Finger Pulse Oximeter. Common, yet impor- tant device for checking patient SPO2 (blood-oxygen saturation) and pulse rate. Small and lightweight (28g without batteries). Digital LEDs display, low- power consumption. Display SPO2, PR and pulse bar. Automatically powers off; indicates low battery. Two AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Accommodates widest range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult. Dimensions: 2.25"L x 1.25"W x 1.5"H
Sammons Preston® Economy Handheld Pulse Oximeter. Lightweight and portable with a sturdy rubber grip. For use in hospitals and clinics; suit- able for pediatric patients as well as adults. Very bright LEDs display SpO2, PR and pulse bar. Features adjustable audible and visual alarms; battery-low indicator; 99 ID setup; plus 72-hour data storage and review. MedView software allows data analysis. Rubber on casing provides special protection. Includes a 17.5" (44.5 cm) finger clip sensor and two AA alkaline batteries. 081565431
Sammons Preston® Computer-Compatible Finger Pulse Oximeter.
Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module, data can be uploaded to computers and transmitted in real time. Small in volume, light
in weight, convenient to carry. Simple to operate with low-power consump- tion. Operation menu for the function setting. Display can be easily changed from SPO2 value, pulse rate value, bar graph or pulse waveform. Also features a pulse rate sound indication and automatic power-off function. Powered with two 1.5V (AAA) alkaline batteries; low-voltage indication. Dimensions: 58.5"L x 31"W x 32"H.
Pulse Oximeters
Sammons Preston®
Finger Pulse
Oximeter. This oxim-
eter enhances patient
care, and is widely
applied in clinics and
hospitals. It is light-
weight—28g without
batteries—with a
dual-color OLED, six-
mode display that
shows SpO2, PR, pulse
bar and plethysmogram. Other features include: low- power consumption; automatic power off; low-battery indicator; two AAA alkaline batteries; adjustable bright- ness. The oximeter accommodates the widest range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult.
Pediatric Finger Pulse
Oximeter. This oximeter
sets a new standard in ac-
curacy and features. With
one touch of a button, the
unit quickly provides you
with real-time heart rate
and blood oxygen satura-
tion levels. The bright organic LED screen does something other quality units cant: it displays an actual graphic display of heart rhythm. Features include automatic shut- off after unit idle time; 10 levels of adjustable brightness; 4-way directional read; accurately measures SpO2 value and pulse rate. Also comes with a handy lanyard wrist/ neck cord, two AAA batteries, protective zippered carry case and instruction manual. 1-year warranty. 081524271
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.
Sets a new standard in ac-
curacy and features. Simple to
use: just place the oximeter
over the fingertip and touch a
button. The oximeter lights a
new, high-tech display known
as an “organic” LED, which
results in smooth numbers
and readouts—no dashes or dots to form numbers. The true display illuminates in the dark yet is clearly visible
in bright light. It uses less battery power, and quickly provides you with real-time info on heart rate and blood- oxygen saturation levels. When the finger is removed, the oximeter automatically turns itself off after six seconds. Requires two AAA batteries.

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