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Cause & Effect Color
Cards. Can help with
verbal reasoning and
encourages questioning.
Each pair of sequenced
photos shows a specific
situation on one card
and a possible outcome
on the second. These
cards can be used to
discuss consequences of
a person’s actions or for
encouraging general group discussions. Scenes include kitchen accidents, children playing, family situations and leisure pursuits. Comes with 48 cards (6” x 8” laminated, rounded corners), notes for use and a storage box.
Color Cards Basic
Sequences. This popular
set includes sixteen
3-step sequences. It
demonstrates simple
sequentially related ac-
tions to help establish
basic concepts, and es-
tablish an understanding
of order and direction,
logical thought and ex-
pressive language skills. Includes changing a baby, making a bed and playing a CD. Also available in 4-step version.
564182 3-Step Basic Sequences
564181 4-Step Basic Sequences
Cognitive Activities
Sequencing 4-Step
Photo Cards. Contains
six sets of sequences that
show specific steps in such
tasks as taking out the
trash, tying a necktie, wrap-
ping a gift, putting a table
together and more. These
sequences facilitate re-
covery in various cognitive
areas as well as reha-
bilitation across languages.
Helps assess fluency, vocal
quality, intensity and
strength and coordination
of clients. Helps with mental manipulation of information, telling steps needed to complete tasks and staying on topic during conversations.
4015 4015
920444 920444
Safety In and Around the Home. Our popular ColorCards are in- novative boxed sets of 48 color photographs designed to help develop language in both adults and children. Real objects, people, situations and activities are depicted to provide the therapist with creative and visually stimulating materials. All are stored in a sturdy box and include a multilingual booklet. Cards measure 5” x 7”. Latex free.
Set One: 8 cards show 4 pairs of contrasting safety situations. One card shows the unsafe situation, and the other shows the solution. All are stored in a sturdy box and include a multilingual booklet. Cards measure 5” x 7”.
Set Two: Similar to the 4015 with additional situations, safety
gate, oven mitts, using scissors, cutting a bagel, dialing 911, using a banister and more. All are stored in a sturdy box and include a multi- lingual booklet. Cards measure 5” x 7”.
4015 Set One
920444 Set Two
Cards. Ideal
for working
on visual-
and attention
skills. Cards are arranged in 24 pairs—one card shows the complete scene, the other depicts the same scene but with up to five items missing.
Everyday Objects Cards. Depicts household objects arranged in 6 color- coded categories: food, toys, household objects, personal effects, clothes and furnishing/electrical items.

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