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Material Stretch
Rolyan® Ezeform® with Anti-Microbial Built-In
Temperature Time
1⁄8” (3.2mm) 160° to 170° F (70° to 75°C) water for 1 minute
Moderate resistance
1⁄8” (3.2mm) 4 to 6 minutes of working time
1/8” x 18” x 24” (3.2mm x 61 x 91cm)
Case of 4
Single Sheet
1% Perf
1% Perf
Helpful Hints for Splinting – Part 3
• Perforated splint materials provide several benefits for your patient: ventilation, lighter weight and increased conformability.
• Gravity-assisted position: whenever possible, place the patient in a position that allows gravity to help you.
Example: This may mean having a patient in prone on the edge of a mat table with the hand resting on a footstool to position for an elbow splint.
• Pre-pad your splint (boney prominences) with self-adhesive padding. Splint over the top of the padding, remove padding from skin and place in splint recess.
• Rolyan brand hook and loop self-adhesive strapping should not be heated prior to application. The adhesive is specifically designed to work best when cold.
Splinting  Rolyan® Ezeform® AM
Rolyan® Ezeform® with Anti-Microbial Built-In.
This low-temperature thermoplastic has the same handling characteristics as Rolyan Ezeform with the added benefit of a built-in anti-microbial component to reduce odors.
Handling Characteristics
• Maximum resistance to stretch with superior draping and conforming qualities
• Stays in place while critical contours are molded
• Slightly tacky surface acts like an extra pair of hands
during fabrication of the splint
• Bonds permanently
• Excellent rigidity–no reinforcement required
• Edges trim and rub smooth easily
• Latex free
• Bonds permanently when heated surfaces are pinched together (not coated, giving the fabricator an “extra pair of hands”).
Recommended Uses
• Ideal for clients who are unable to cooperate • Adapting equipment
• Spasticity splints
• Functional position splints
• Resting mitt splints • Elbow splints

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