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Dynamic Splints & Components
Kit: A6012
Individual Units for Flexion and Extension mobilizing the PIP joint.
Rolyan® Individual Units for Flexion and Extension. Ideal when one or two digits are involved. Small pre-bent outriggers can be placed
Rolyan® Adjustable
Outrigger Kit for MCP
Flexion. Outrigger provides
ample space for four finger
rod adjusters, yet does not
limit thumb motion. An op-
tional thumb positioner is included and can be applied to the vertical bar of the outrigger. Extender rods and rod adjusters are simple to apply and to maintain 90° angle of pull throughout the therapy pro- gram. Kit comes with two pre-bent outrigger wires, five each of the rods, tip protectors, rod adjusters, 4” (10cm) tension-adjustable finger loops, a self-adhesive D-ring strap for rubber band or graded spring attachment and instructions. Material for static base, rubber bands, and straps sold separately. Latex free. (Patent Performance Health.) A8321
over the metacarpals or on the fingers. Each outrigger holds one rod adjuster, extender unit for precise positioning of the MCP, PIP or DIP joint in flexion or extension. Kit includes five each: pre-bent outriggers, rod adjusters, rods, tip protectors, 4” (10cm) tension-ad- justable finger loops, D-ring straps for rubber band or graded spring attachment and one allen key. Splinting material, straps and rubber bands sold separately.
553235 Pre-Bent Outriggers. Package of 5.
Tip Protectors
Rod Adjusters
Rolyan® Adjustable Outrigger Replacement Kit.
Kit: A6013
Five rod adjusters, five extender rods and five tip protectors.
(Patent Performance Health.)
553284 Tip Protectors only. Package of 25. 553234 Extender Rods only. Package of 5.
Rolyan® Rod Adjusters. Feature two set screws for added hold. Pack of 5 or 25 also includes one Allen wrench. Latex free. 563489 Rod Adjusters, Package of 25
081527654 Rod Adjusters, Package of 5

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