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Exercise Cardio
SportsArt C521M Recumbent Rehab Cycle. A one-of-a-kind exercise cycle designed specifically for physical therapy and rehab patients. Bi-directional resistance for more training options and
low start-up resistance makes it easier for deconditioned users to exercise safely. The adjustable crank offers range of motion limits of five, six or seven inches, making it an ideal fit for knee/hip rehab patients. Bi-directional free spin enhances safety by cutting off momentum to pedals if the user stops pedaling abruptly. Fold-up armrests allow for easier entry and exit.
SportsArt C575 Status Series Cycles. The C575R recumbent bike features a step-through frame and padded reclining seatback for maximum comfort. The C575U upright bike has a low profile shroud and padded seat that adjusts up, down, fore and aft to attain proper body positioning relative to knee/ankle alignment. Both units have low starting resistance of 6 watts to accommodate deconditioned or injured users and come standard with integrated 3-speed fans.
081631316   C575R Recumbent Cycle 081630763   C575U Upright Cycle
SportsArt C545 Performance Series and C535 Foundation Series Cycles. The recumbent cycles feature a ComfortDriTM vented padded seat back, which allows for airflow throughout the workout and is molded to provide ultimate support. A unique step- through design allows easy access. Convenient seat adjustment handles are easy to reach while exercising and oversized pedals feature quick strap adjustment for easy customization.
The upright cycles have fore-mid-aft seat adjustment allows for optimal seat positioning. A unique low profile shroud allows easy access and oversized pedals feature quick strap adjustment for easy customization. All cycles are self-generating, so no outside power source is required.
081658954   C535U Upright 081658962   C535R Recumbent 081658970   C545U Upright 081658988   C545R Recumbent
081631316 081630763
See page 56 for specifications.
Exercise Cardio

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