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Products, except Splint Pattern Marker, on this page can only be shipped via ground transportation.
Rolyan® Self-Bonding Solvent.
Use to prepare Polyform®, Polyflex II®, Aquaplast®-T and TailorSplintTM splinting materials, as well as Kay-Splint® brands for bonding. Brush on areas to
be bonded, heat with heat gun and press together to form
a strong, permanent bond. Half-pint (237 ml) container with brush applicator. Does not work on thermoplastics with anti- microbial built in.
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Splinting Tools & Accessories
Splint Pattern Marker. For tracing patterns onto splinting mate- rial. Marks stay on material when immersed in water but can be wiped off. Package of 12. Latex free.
Goo Gone®. All-natural cleaner removes hook and loop adhesive, stickers, oil, grease, crayon marks and more. With natural citrus ex- tracts. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Latex free.
Quick Gel Super Glue and Super Glue Remover. No-Run, fast- drying, strong and extra-thick. Can be used for vertical applications. Dries clear. Useful for attaching finger hooks. To remove, use Super Glue Remover. Latex free.
553273 No-Run Super Glue, 0.07 oz. 55327301 Super Glue Remover, 0.17 oz.

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