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Description Indications & Benefits
• Semi-rigid support to CMC and MCP joints Rolyan® Gel Shell® Thumb Spica Splint • Silipos Gel Care Pad cushions and
(See page 581)
protects thumb
• Polyform stay for custom support
Rolyan® D-Ring Wrist & Thumb Spica Rolyan® D-Ring Wrist Braces
(See pages 598–599)
• Classic choice for arthritis, carpal tunnel and tendonitis
• D-ring closures provide tension control and ease of application
• Style and color choices for levels of support and improved patient compliance
• Workhard styles provide durability of leather
• Enlarged thumb hole style allows full function
for larger hands and fluctuating edema
Rolyan® AlignRite Wrist Braces
(See page 601)
• Anatomical design for comfort, fit and compliance
• Help reduce pain and inflamation for conditions such as arthritis, sprains and carpal tunnel syndrome
• Cut-out stay for unristricted thumb movement
• Enlarged style for larger wrists and forearms
Rolyan® Neoprene Elbow Sleeves
(See page 626)
• Use for strains, sprains, bursitis and tendonitis
• Provides warmth and compression
• Optional strap style applies pressure
to the extensor muscles of the forearm
• Helps reduce pain from tendonitis
Rolyan® Tennis Elbow Strap • Can be used for lateral and medial epicondylitis
(See page 619) • Easy on-hand application with unique strapping system
Unilateral Shoulder Supports (See page 637)
• Supports weak shoulder muscles and strained tendons or ligaments
• Helps prevent subluxation
• Limits shoulder rotation and abduction
Ortho Upper  Rolyan® Featured Products
Ortho Upper

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