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Wrist Supports
Ortho Upper
Rolyan® Neoprene Universal Wrist Wrap. Provides warmth and compression to the wrist while limiting final degrees of mo- tion. Thumb hole design makes it easy to self-apply. Latex free. A9521
Universal Wristlet. 3" elastic and narrow elastic thumb loop for easy, one hand application. Helps relieve wrist pain. Can be used with splints as an external support to stabilize the distal ulna for healing of Luno-triquetral and TFCC tears. Double lock hook/loop closure. One size fits most. Latex free.
560677 White 560678 Beige 560679 Black
Mueller® Adjustable Wrist Brace. Unique contour design over wrist joint with supportive steel springs helps keep wrist in natural straight position. Adjustable wraparound strap and lightweight materials provide fit and comfort. Fits either hand Fits wrists up to 10"
(25 cm) in circumference.
M-Brace Air Wrist Wrap. Support for light traumas and minor injuries, post-trauma rehab and prevention during sports. Inside fabric is made from a soft breath- able microfiber that’s extremely comfortable to the skin. Outer fabric is made with a particular and dense nylon mesh, forming microscopic and resistant loops, which allows the hook to securely fasten. Easy application and adjustable tension accommodates patient’s need. Patented M-Brace technology. Latex free.
Thermoskin® Wrist Wrap. One-piece, wrap-around design provides soft support at the wrist. Lining retains natural body heat but lets the skin stay dry. Optional wrist pad with VELCRO® Brand cloture can be added to wrap for additional support. Latex free.
Sammons Preston® Neoprene Wrist Wrap. Flexible support, warmth and compression for post-injury or arthritis treatment. Hand washable. Latex free. 780401 Black
Item No.
Wrist Circ.
51/2"– 77/8"
Sammons Preston® Universal Neoprene Wrist Support. Useful
for wrist conditions requiring moderate warmth, compression and support. Made of nylon-covered neoprene for comfort and flexibility. Hook & loop closure. Hand wash- able. Latex free.
780701 Black
Wrist Circ.
51/2"–71/2" (14–19.1 cm)
A61528 56575302
L/XL 73/4"–9" (19.7–22.9 cm)
Ortho Upper

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