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PTDialTM Tennis/Golfer’s
Elbow Brace. Applies
direct perpendicular
compression using an
ergonomically designed
pressure foot. Unique
Dial-Adjusted epicondy-
litis brace. Turn right for
protection. Turn left for comfort. Match compression to the task: Choose from 8 compression levels. Laminated shock-absorbing strap. One size fits most forearm circumference 73/4" to 141/4" (over 99.5% of forearms). Latex free. Try and compare! 081506690
Item No.
Forearm Circ.
Item No.
Forearm Circ.
Ortho Upper
Elbow Supports
M-Brace Air Epicondylitis Brace. Support and protective device for tendon and joint inflam- mations caused either by trauma, stress or excessive fatigue.
Two special fabrics have been matched:
• Inside fabric is made from a soft
breathable microfiber that’s ex-
tremely comfortable to the skin.
• Outer fabric is made with a par-
ticular and dense nylon mesh,
forming microscopic and resis-
tant loops, which allow the hook to fasten securely. Easy application.
Tension should be adjusted, taking care not to slow the normal cir- culation. Inside pressure pad diminishes stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments. Patented M-Brace technology. Latex free.
Bauerfeind® EpiPoint Elbow Strap. For
tennis, golfer's elbow and other overuse condi-
tions. D-ring positions directly over a pivoting viscoelastic compression pad. Red warning section
on adjustable band shows when strap is pulled
too tightly—ensuring a perfect fit. Machine wash- able. Fits forearm circumference 83/4"–13". Latex free. 7060
BandIT® Therapeutic
Elbow Bands. For lateral
and medial epicondylitis
and supinator muscle
strain. Circumferential
pad spreads pressure for
increased comfort. BandIT
XM Magnetic band uses
magnetic pads to enhance circulation and natural
healing in tendons and lig-
aments. Not recommended
for forearms less than 8"
(20 cm) in circumference. Latex free. A950610 White
559734 Black XM Magnetic Band
Aircast® Tennis Elbow Armband.
Pneumatic air cell and non-elastic strap dis- sipate the impact load through the extensor and flexor muscles of the forearm, reducing the impact's stress concentration at the bone/tendon junction of the epicondyle. Latex free.
A8231 Beige 550044 Black
Removable Gel CellTM can be cooled or heated
Gel BandTM Arm Band. Provides thermal, viscoelastic conforming compression for relieving pain due to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, strains and sprains. Includes an elastic tension strap for compression control Gel Cell, plus a loop lock and plastic tongue closure for added security and comfort. Latex free.
Tendon TrakTM Elbow. This ther- apist-designed support utilizes
a patented, clini-
cally proven approach in treating medial/ lateral epicondylitis. Two adjustable pads support the irritated tissue without applying direct compression. One size fits all
(18" long). Latex free.
Ortho Upper

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