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Item No.
Mid Humerus Circumference
8"–10" (20.3–25.4 cm)
10"–12" (25.4–30.5 cm)
12"–16" (30.5–40.6 cm)
16"–21" (40.6–53.3 cm)
Item No.
Mid Humerus Circumference
9"–11" (22.9–27.9 cm)
11"–13" (27.9–33 cm)
13"–15" (33–38.1 cm)
Ortho Upper
Elbow Supports
Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace. Uses proven patented technologies. The Innovator X (extending struts) represents a new standard in design. You will see improved patient outcomes with superior comfort and clean aesthetics. It’s the easiest-to-use hinge in post-op bracing! Latex free.
Benefits include:
• Slide-to-SizeTM struts lead to a more customized fit
• Sensil® padding on strapping system reduces slipping, and malleable aluminum cuffs enable
the fitter to customize the Innovator X to varying anatomy types
• Patented Form Fit® 3-dimensional padding and Lycra lining will lead to superior comfort
and compliance
• Comfort pad at the neck and shoulder
• Optional anti-supination/pronation Arm Bar Kit is available separately 56295801 Left
56295802 Right
56295803 Arm Bar Kit
Flex Cuff Elbow Orthosis. Provides effective rehabilitation for joint stiffness and contrac- tures, instability, strains, sprains and ligament repairs. Lightweight and versatile, features a ROM hinge with flexion/extension stop settings and a static lock pin for immobilization or static-progressive stretch. Breathable, one-piece foam liner. 15" (38 cm) long with hinge length of 211/2" (32 cm). Latex free. Improved! Elbow Cap for 3-Point Pressure Leverage is now included with the brace.
Respond ROM® Elbow. Provides 10° increment setting of flexion/extension elbow control for post-surgical ROM limitation, joint stiffness and contracture. Full free ROM static up to 120°. Static lock pin on hinge allows the brace to be used as an alternative to serial casting. Elbow cap provides a 3-point pressure leverage and elbow control. Thermoplastic humeral and forearm cuffs can accommodate patients with zero to moderate tone and mild spasticity. Latex free.
Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace. Features a unique control knob and adjustable hinge to provide stability and comfort while allowing for immobilization, static stretch or free motion. For
use immediately after surgery, it protects the elbow joint with air-cell strapping systems for comfortable immobilization of the elbow. Caregivers can set the desired degree of flexion/ extension or unlock the control knob for free range of motion. The optional ARCTM Forearm Rotational Brace offers pronation/supination control. Latex free.
55004701 Left
55004702 Right
55004703 ARC Forearm Rotational Brace
Ortho Upper

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