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Slings & Shoulder Supports Ortho Upper
Rolyan® Figure-of-8 Sling.
Soft strapping system helps dis-
tribute pressure. Widely adjustable
due to overall hook and loop con-
struction. Generous pad at the elbow and wrist. Latex free. A5451 Small/Medium (small to average people)
A5452 Large/X-Large (tall or larger people)
Rolyan® Universal Sling.
Gives balanced support to hand,
arm and shoulder. Wrist and elbow
cuffs can be rearranged so the sling fits either arm. Front and back strap lengths and shoulder width are adjustable. Latex free. A5491
Rolyan® C.V.A. Sling.
Provides soft cushioning for maximum comfort of the shoulder, hand and arm. Washable. Latex free. A5492
Rolyan® Universal Collar and Cuff Sling. Designed to suspend arm with or without a cast. Strap has buckle closure for proper arm height adjust- ment. Adjustable vinyl cuff provides more stable support, while foam neck pad provides added comfort. One size fits all. Latex free.
Adhere sling to waistband and add straps
Joslin Combo®. 3-in-1 COMBO KIT:
Ultimate Arm Sling® + Abductor Pillow + Immobilizer. When the pillow is no longer needed, the unique waistband al- lows you to remove the pillow and convert the system into an arm immobilizer. When the pillow or waistband is no longer needed, the patient has an extremely comfortable Ultimate Arm Sling to wear as long as needed. Comfort, ease of use and high patient satisfaction! All items are latex free.
The Ultimate Arm Sling®. Soft cotton spandex sling supports the arm from elbow to wrist. Easy on the neck, the soft loop fabric strap adheres to a hook tab for easy adjustment. Soft fabric hand and thumb holders ensure that arm is held gently and securely in place. Machine wash and tumble dry. Latex free.
The Joslin SwatheTM gently holds the upper arm against the body. May be used with the Ultimate Arm Sling or other universal arm sling. Lightweight, comfortable loop fabric may be adjusted to any length with a hook tab. Machine wash, tumble dry. Latex free.
Add stability straps
Item No.
Waist Size
Adult Reg.
5'– 6'
100 – 200 lbs.
29"– 38"
Adult Large
6'– 6'7"
200+ lbs.
37"– 52"
Size (Height)
Child (31/2'–5')
50–90 lbs.
Adult (5'–6')
90–250 lbs.
Pro/3X (6'–6'7")
250–300 lbs.
Goliath (6'7"+)
300+ lbs.
Ortho Upper

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