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Exercise Cardio Active Passive Trainer & Cycles
Exercise Cardio
Mettler APT Active Passive Trainer. Allows the clinician to completely control speed, resistance, number of rotations and load levels. They are engineered to improve blood circulation, strength, endurance and muscle tone. Adjustable crank-arm height and length. The Active Passive Trainers (without Hi-Lo stand) are 18.1”W x 28.3”L x 5.9”H. Weighing only 22 lbs., they can be moved easily for use on the floor or a tabletop. The APT ac- commodates patients confined to a wheelchair. The APT Plus has a remote control that facilitates operation for patients who have limited mobility. The Hi-Lo units are 30”W x 40”L x 40”H and weigh 86 lbs. The Hi-Lo trainers include the APT unit and Hi-Lo stand, allowing comfortable, complete work- outs in the clinic. All have a 1-year warranty.
081629468 Angled Hand Grips, Pair
081629476 Footrest, Pair
081629484 Standard Straight Hand Grips, Pair 081629492 Hemi Grip Assist Glove, Single 081629500 High Leg Supports, Pair 081629518 Securing Straps, Pair
081629526 APT Plus Heart Beat Kit 081629534 APT Plus Remote Control 081664481 APT Active Passive Trainer 081664499 APT Hi-Lo Active Passive Trainer 081664507 APT Plus Active Passive Trainer 081664515 APT Plus Hi-Lo Active Passive Trainer
Johnny G Krankcycle® by MATRIX. Keep workouts fresh and engaging with the Krankcycle. Independent crank arms offer users a wider range of movements, while the flywheel and crank assembly lets them perform forward and reverse rotations from the seated and standing position. The adjustable crank arm height encourages greater range of muscle activation, and a narrow crank axis allows for higher RPMs to increase speed and endurance.
Other features include:
• Pivoting height adjustment ensures a comfortable fit for a variety of body types. • Ergonomically, tapered shape seat enables users to stand during their workout.
Seat is not removable.
• Also available without a seat for wheelchair accessibility.
Optional Computer displays: Heart rate, average and actual (requires Polar Chest Strap - sold separately); Cadence/RPM, average and actual; training time; distance, miles and km; and calories expended. 350-lb. weight capacity.
566794   Johnny G Krankcycle® with Seat
569079   Johnny G Krankcycle® without Seat
081659317 Optional Computer
Theracycle 100. This revolutionary, stationary bicycle comes equipped with a motor to make exercise easier. The bike helps fight fatigue and improves circulation, flexibility, endurance, strength and overall well being. The extra-powerful motor engages smoothly, gently— moving legs and working knees.
It can be used in two ways—program the motor to help do the work, or let clients do the work for them- selves. The Smart Motor will engage only if it senses assistance is needed to stay on pace with a selected routine. The speed of the motor is adjustable.
This motorized active/passive trainer allows a patient to be guided through a cycling routine. It may assist the device in all or part of the ROM, or may resist motion eccentrically. It can be used from a standard seat or wheelchair, and features built-in transfer wheels to also allow use in patient rooms.
Other features include:
• Motor-driven pedal assembly
• Computerized controller
• Users set the duration and intensity of exercise
• Quick-release shutoff
• Easy-to-use adjustable pedals with AFO attachment 565197

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