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Core® Sitback Rest® Back Rest.
Promotes proper posture in any car seat
or chair while providing firm support for the lower back. Side-support wings ensure ultimate comfort by helping keep you in the correct position. Precision-cut foam with durable fabric cover. Now all Sitback Rests include a positioning belt. Latex free.
Deluxe Version. Features plush velour, poly-fiber cover. 13” x 14” (33cm x 36cm). Latex free.
Plus Version. Slightly wider to provide more comfort for larger-framed patients. Includes a durable poly/cotton fabric cover. 13” x 16” (33cm x 41cm). Latex free.
Sitback Rest® Back Rest 92143301 Blue 92143302 Grey 92143303 Black Deluxe Version
Core® Bucketseat Sitback Rest. This version of the Sitback is specially designed
to work with your car bucket seats. Built-in side wings have been shaped to fit snugly inside your car’s bucket-style seat and provide maximum support and comfort. Fits most standard-sized bucket seats. Positioning belt secures the rest to your car’s seat. 13” x 14” (33 x 36cm). Latex free.
Core® Back Cradle. A comfortable, versatile backrest. This molded lumbar cushion promotes healthy posture in any chair while providing proper lumbar support. Deluxe velour fabric cover. Does not include positioning belt. 13” x 14” (33 x 36cm). Latex free.
081513613 Black 081513605 Blue
Back & Seat Cushions Ortho Lower
Plus Version 567332
Standard Version.
Durable poly/cotton fabric cover. 567314 Black
567315 Blue
Deluxe Version.
Plush velour, poly-fiber cover. 567313 Black
Core® Luniform Back Cushion. An ideal, small support cushion for your lower lumbar spine. Compact and convenient; goes anywhere. Great for auto, home or office. Precision-cut foam. Durable fabric cover. Includes positioning belt. 11” x 71/2” x 23/4” (28 x 19 x 7 cm). Black. Latex free. 567326
Core® Stress Wedge. This is an eco- nomical way to help improve posture and ease lower back pain while sitting. The incline helps restore and maintain correct ergonomic seating. Solid foam. 15” x 10” (38 x 26cm). 3” (7.6cm) high at rear, 7/8” (2cm) at front. Latex free.
Built-in wings
hug the lower
back. Slips
easily onto any
chair, wheelchair or car
cotton cover. Slimrest is 3” thick at the center and tapers to 1” at the top and bottom. 14”H x 12”W. Now all Slimrests include a positioning belt. Latex free. Deluxe Version. Features a plush velour, poly-fiber cover.
seat. Polyester/
Core® Relax-A-Back Sitback Rest. This lumbar cushion includes a support board. Lets you relax while driving, sitting or resting. Use with any chair or automobile seat for proper lumbar support. 13” x 14” (33cm x 36cm). Latex free.
567305 Black 567306 Blue
Item No.
Slimrest Cushion, Blue
Slimrest Cushion, Black
Deluxe Slimrest Cushion, Blue
Ortho Lower

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