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Thermoskin® Elastic Ankle Wrap.
Woven sock wrap support fits snugly
to the ankle. Adjustable VELCRO® Brand fastener strap allows additional compression either medially or laterally where needed. Cool to wear and allows free ventilation. For sizing, measure around the foot under the arch.
Ankle Supports
Ortho Lower
Mueller® Green Adjustable Ankle Support. Environmentally- friendly materials made without use of petroleum! Green inner lining is manufactured with recycled plastic PET bottles. Packaging is recyclable and printed with soy-based inks.
This is the only ankle support that can be adjusted without removing your shoe. Designed to help support sore, sprained and arthritic ankles. Patented strapping system provides firm, even support. Fits virtually all shoe sizes and types. Latex free. 081548379
Item No.
Regular, 63/4”–91/2” (17–24 cm)
Extra, 91/2”–121/4” (24–31 cm)
M-Brace Mercurio Ankle Lock. For light trauma of the ankle mortise. Snug fit easily fits inside any shoe. Hypo-allergenic, breath- able, 100% cotton on the skin. Neoprene and latex free.
Swede-O Elastic Ankle Wrap. Designed to reduce swelling and provide general support for weak and injured ankles. Wrap design with adjustable closure strap en- hances user comfort and allows you to apply additional compression either medially or laterally. Soft, ventilated knit provides even compression, contours to the natural shape of the ankle and is suitable for extended wear. Fits right or left ankle.
Item No.
Ankle Circ.
61⁄4”–101⁄4” (16–26cm)
101⁄4”–141⁄4” (26–37cm)
Ortho Lower

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