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Length- adjustable pedals
Variable resistance settings
Sammons Preston® Restorator® III Clinic Model.
Provides the aerobic benefit of cycle exercise for those who can’t sit on bicycles. Knob handle lets you vary the resis- tance from 0–29 lbs. A second knob lets you move the unit forward or backward to accommodate different leg lengths. Its rugged construction and versatile design allow for attach- ments 2142-L and 2142-X at right.
Sammons Preston® Restorator® III Home Model. This cycle exer- ciser is a favorite for home-based exercise because it’s so easy to use. Clamps easily to chair legs or client’s wheelchair for quick, versatile setup. Resistance can be varied from 0–13 lbs. A simple turn of a knob adjusts the length for individual needs. 922141
Sammons Preston® Pedal Exerciser. Portable upper- and lower-body device has wide
leg spread and rubber feet for in-use stability. Chrome-plated steel; plastic interior compo- nents.
Exercise Cardio
Pedal Exercisers
Digital Display Peddler.
Five-function display indicates exercise time, rev- olution count, revolutions per minute and calories burned. Scan features alternately display all mea- surements automatically. Four anti-slip rubber pads prevent sliding and protect surfaces. Resistance is easily adjusted with tension screw. Button cell battery included. Completely as- sembled; foldable design. 081511310
Mini Stepper Exerciser. Compact por- table stepper is ideal for toning the waist, calves, hips and thighs. Built-in digital com- puter calculates time and number of steps. Constructed of heavy gauge steel. Includes non-stick feet and 11” x 4.5” footplates. Overall measurement: 13”W x 16”L. Weighs 20 lbs. 250-lb. weight capacity. 554036
Sammons Preston® Resistive Pedal Exerciser.
Lightweight (16 lbs.) exerciser is self powered and por- table. Provides a great upper- or lower-body workout in the home, office or clinic. LED display shows speed, distance, total mileage, total time and calories burned. Resistance adjusts with the quick dial.
Exercise Cardio

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