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Hand/Wrist Splints Contracture Management A Dynamic Solution for a Dynamic Problem
Position your patients’ hands for the best chance of recovery
SaeboStretch®. We are pleased to announce that Saebo has made exciting improvements to one of their most popular products. The original SaeboStretch allows the fingers to move into flexion caused by increased tone. It then utilizes one of three interchangeable hand pieces, each of- fering different grades of resistance, to safely reposition the fingers back into extension. The revolutionary strapping system holds the wrist, hand and fingers exactly where you want them.
Changes to SaeboStretch
• Upgraded straps consist of comfortable elastic nonslip material, and they are sewn to the cover to maximize proper positioning and ease of donning.
• The new cover features a zipper closure that can easily be removed for cleaning and changing of hand plates. Non-slip gel on the hand and thumb minimizes migration.
• The new thumb system offers two adjustments (palmar abduction/ adduction and radial abduction/adduction) to further customize the thumb position.
• The small hex screws have been replaced with standard size head cross screws (i.e. Phillips head) for improved performance.
Indications: SaeboStretch is appropriate for patients with minimum- to-moderate tone and soft tissue shortening. It is NOT appropriate for patients with severe tone and contractures. Using a static splint on a dynamic hand can result in joint deformities, contractures and hypermobility.
Sizing instructions: measure across the proximal phalanges of digits 2 to 5 just proximal to the PIP joints. Please make sure the fingers are in the adducted position.
Do not wrap the tape down the lateral or medial side of the hand. Consider the length of the fingers when deciding between two different sizes (i.e. shorter fingers = smaller size). NOTE: Product must be fitted by a therapist or orthotist.
Original Carrot. Effectively positions the
fingers away from the palm to protect the
skin from excessive moisture, pressure,
and the risk of nail puncture. The smooth
cotton cover is packed with washable, absorbent wool fleece to help keep the hand cool and dry, and conforms to the hand to reduce flexor spasticity. Hand wash in cold water and let air dry. Conveniently color coded by size: small (Orange) or Large (Green). Blue Carrot keeps skin dry to reduce pathogen growth. Velvety biocide- treated fabric cover helps to wick moisture away from the palm to reduce maceration and infection risk. The Blue Carrot is filled with tiny plastic microspheres that are highly conforming and resilient so the orthosis won’t increase spasticity. Even conforms to a significantly distorted hand. One size. Hand wash in cold water and let air dry.
*The Kits above include: 2 carrots, 2 wands, laundry marker and instruction manual. The Case of 6 is only the carrot and 1 instruction manual it does not include any wands or laundry marker.
MP Width
21/4” to 23/4”
23/4” to 31/4”
31/4” to 4”
Moderate Severe None Progressive
Moderate Severe None Static
Freedom® Finger Contracture Orthoses. Enable progressive, measurable treatment of severely contracted hands. All products are hand washable. Latex free.
927257 Freedom Contracture and Hygiene Kit: 1 blue orthosis
filled with plastic, non-resilient, highly conforming beads,
4 placement wands and 20 palmar swabs 927258 Inflatable Carrot: 1 carrot, 2 bacteriostatic covers,
1 placement wand, and hand inflation bulb
927259 Palmar Swab Kit: 48 triangular swabs and two placement
Original Carrot
Case of 6
Orange, Small
Green, Large
Blue, One size
Contracture Management

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