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Foot-Up. A lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that provides dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints. Assists in visible gait improvement by providing support the mo- ment the foot is raised. Simple to fit and practically invisible when worn. Consists
of an ergonomic ankle wrap and a plastic
inlay, which fits discretely between the
tongue and laces of the shoe. The inlay
attaches to the ankle wrap via a powerful
elastic strap with a quick-release clip. Can
be worn comfortably for long periods of time without causing skin irritation or impeding the foot’s range of motion. To size, measure ankle circumfer- ence. Latex free.
56087101 Regular 7”–9” (18–23cm) 56087102 Large 91/2”–113/4” (24–30cm) 56087103 X-Large 113/4 + (30cm+)
Foot-Up Shoeless. Now the Foot-Up can
be used without a shoe by adding Foot-Up
Shoeless to your existing Foot-Up. A light-
weight, dynamic aid for drop foot or related
disorders that require dorsal flexion support.
The separate ergonomic ankle strap and a
barely visible inlay can be connected easily
with a strong, easy-lock elastic strap. When
components are strapped together, the fore-
foot can be raised for dorsal flexion support,
approximating a physiological gait pattern.
The hypoallergenic strap allows outward va-
porization to reduce the chance of skin reaction. The position of flexible inlay determines the degree of support. This is an accessory to the Foot-Up.
Item No.
Circ. 7.9”–9.4” (20–24cm)
Circ. 9.4”–11” (24–28cm)
Circ. 11” + (28cm)
Contracture Management
Foot Drop Supports
Ankle Foot Orthosis. Provides
dorsal flexion sup-
port and is an ideal
aid for foot drop
and similar condi-
tions. When properly
maintained and used,
the FootFlexor® helps
improve walking,
increases confidence
in walking ability and
may help reduce the
incidence of falls.
Durable, easy to use, and fully adjustable orthosis works with any lace up shoe or boot. It is a soft and comfortable improvement to a rigid AFO. Latex Free. 081716422
Pneu Gait
Foot Strap.
Provides the
ability to dy-
namically correct
a pronated or
supinated gait.
Designed to as-
sist in changing
the neuro and
awareness while initiating a correct muscle firing pat- tern when walking. Latex free.
Calf-Based Toe Lifter. Maintains neutral foot posi- tion. Easy hook & loop closures enable one-handed application. Latex free.
Freedom Adjustable Footdrop
Brace. Promotes a more natural
foot motion, with support given only
when needed. Brace limits plantar
flexion — ankle motion is otherwise
unhindered. This freedom of move-
ment helps maintain ankle strength
and proprioception. Unique closure
allows the wearer to customize the
level of support with a simple pull on
the adjustment strap. Quick-release,
attachment-buckle strap permits
easy transfer of the brace to another
shoe. Lightweight neoprene cuff and hook & loop closure make this brace easy to apply and adjust for a proper fit. Plastic stiffener helps prevent cuff from migrating during wear. Can be worn in most any shoe with a lace-up or hook & loop closure. Fits ankle joint circumference up to 10.5”. Each brace includes two shoe straps. Additional shoe straps are sold in packs of three.
081530948 Adjustable Footdrop Brace 081530955 Replacement Straps, 3-Pk.
Contracture Management

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