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Rolyan® Foot Drop & Heel Protection  Contracture Management
Rolyan® Heel Boot. The anatomical,
wrap-around design and two-strap
style keep the foot positioned correctly.
Patent Pending “Lift System” transfers
pressure from the heel to the calf area,
completely off-loading the heel area.
The foot-positioning strap keeps foot in a neutral position. Interior antimicrobial fabric. Machine washable. Available in two color combinations: Black/Tan or Navy/Light Blue. One size fits most. Latex free.
081567973 Black/Tan
081567981 Navy/Light Blue
081595255 Optional Anti-Rotation Wedge
Mid-Calf Pillow Heel Pillow
Rolyan® Boot Pillows. Top-grade pillow fiber reduces heel and skin pressure, allowing better circulation and reducing the risk of skin shearing. Interior antimicrobial fabric. Machine washable. Available in two color combinations: Black/Tan or Navy/Light Blue. Your choice of two styles: Heel or Mid-Calf. One size fits most.
Heel Pillows. Sold in pairs. 081570126 Black/Tan 081570134 Navy/Light Blue
Mid-Calf Pillow. 081567999 Black/Tan 081568005 Navy/Light Blue
Rolyan® Progressive Stretch Foot
Splint. Adjusts easily from full plantar
flexion to the desired amount of dorsi-
flexion. Padded ankle support stabilizes
the heel in splint while minimizing
pressure over dorsal aspect of the foot.
Splint includes high-temperature plastic
base with closed-cell foam liner and a
cotton/polyester ankle support that can
be hand washed and air dried.
A63411 Medium (women’s sizes 71/2–91/2, men’s 81/2–101/2) A63412 Large (women’s sizes 10–12, men’s 11–13)
Rolyan® Boot Foot Orthosis. Helps protect the heel from ulceration. Maintains proper positioning of the ankle and foot. Open design prevents heel from touching base and allows air circulation. Soft fleece lining. Open-cell foam pad will not bottom out. Also helps prevent hip rotation. Not for ambulation. Machine wash, air dry. One size. Latex free.
Soft foam base increases comfort
Ezeform Gel pad for stay is easily
pressure adjustable relief
Rolyan® ProgressiveTM Ankle/Foot Splint. Gently positions flaccid ankles, or assists ankles with mild to moderate tone toward neutral dorsiflexion to progress contractures quickly and effectively. Gel pad under heel resists bottoming out and helps prevent pressure sores. An Ezeform® stay, which must be molded, can be modified to adjust the position of the ankle. Additional dorsiflexion assist strap helps maintain desired position. Latex free. (Original design courtesy of Lynn Swedberg, OTR.)
A812501 Medium
Contracture Management

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