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Guide to Patient Alarms Fall Prevention How to choose fall prevention products to meet each patient’s needs
Type of patient
High fall risk or restless
Alzheimer’s or dementia
Incontinent and lightweight
Type of alarm
Early Warning
Alerts the caregiver before a patient stands up.
The alarm is triggered as the patient starts to remove device.
Alarms at doorways, stairs, hallways and windows discourage patients from taking off on their own or exiting a room.
Motion Detection
Only a specific area such as a chair, bed or room is targeted with an infrared or optical sensor. The alert goes off when the patient moves through the beam. There’s no need for wires, cords or cables that can trip the moving patient.
Sensor Pads
Used on chairs or beds, this alarm alerts caregivers when the patient is off the pad.
Worn on a patient’s clothes, the alarm goes off when the cord is pulled. The pull happens when the patient stands, creating a fall risk.
Low activity or sedentary
Patients who only need a simple alarm
Fall Prevention

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