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StandEasy®/MoveEasy Bed Assists
Fall Prevention
Wall-Mounted Single SafetyGripTM Pole System. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial. Limits risk of fall and injury that arise from prolonged bed rest and facilitates rehabilitation while increasing daily physical mobility and muscle movement. Ideal for room not equipped
for floor-to-ceiling pole. For use as physical therapy modality in any clinical or residential setting. Comes with 2 wall tracks, SafetyGripTM pole and 2 connecting, horizontal arms. 7100831 White
Exercise Kit for SafetyGripTM Adjustable Pole System*. Includes cross bar, trapeze with attachments, and complete kit of attach- ments and exercise bands for a full range of horizontal rehabilitation and fitness exercises that can be performed in or near bed.
Fits StandEasy Double Pole System (sold sepa- rately)
Fits StandEasy Wall Mounted Single Pole System (sold separately)
*Designed for use with StandEasy® SafetyGripTM Systems: Wall Mounted Single Pole System; Double Pole System; Wall Mount Pole System; Rear Wall Mount Adjustable Pole System.
Double Pole
SafetyGripTM Pole
System. A solu-
tion for vaulted or
slanted ceilings and
spaces where floor-
to-ceiling poles
cannot be mounted.
Double rail for extra
sturdy support.
Comes with two poles. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. All other features identical to StandEasy Wall Mounted Single Pole System. 7100833 White
Side Wall Mount SafetyGripTM Pole
System. Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial aluminum unit installs to sidewall in front
of closet or similar space (requires 3 studs and 28 inches of horizontal space
for adjustable-length arms that extend from 12–18” from wall). Patent-pending, Grip Safe, Grip Anywhere grip. 7100835 White
Rear Wall Mount
Adjustable Pole
System. Ideal for
placement behind
toilet that’s too far
from corner wall
for StandEasy Wall
Mount Pole System
to work. Installs on 3
studs; allows extra 28” of lateral adjustment. Extra-long, fixed-length arms and patent- pending Grip Safe, Grip Anywhere grip. 7100836
Extra Set of Wall Tracks w/Hardware*.
When more tracks are needed for room layout flexibility, these extra poles move easily from room to room. Composite steel assembly includes wall mount and horizontal arm. Compatible with all wall and ceiling heights; must be mounted in 2 studs.
7100832 2-Pack
Extra Pole
and Arms for
Pole System.
For when
upgrades are
needed for
EasyRange Pro
and Pro Plus
systems. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial extra pole allows retrofit from single- to double-pole system.
7100834 White
Ceiling-Mounted Trapeze for SafetyGripTM Adjustable Pole System. Aluminum, hanging
trapeze aids user
who needs help
with mobility and
fitness. Can be
hung over bed or
installed near chair
or sofa. Comes with
patent-pending SafetyGripTM grip on cross bar. 7100838
MoveEasy® Premium Pole w/ Ceiling Disc. Adjustable, free- standing pole system. Fixes securely from floor to ceiling and wall with horizontalpoles.Anti-microbial, antibacterial technology for safe and easy clean-up. Designed for use with the MoveEasy Exercise Kit. 7100841 White
MoveEasy® 60 Degree Horizontal Rail System. Used as a handrail for balance or parallel bars, and provides total balance independenceforuser.Attachesbe- tween two poles that are 6’ apart. 7100842 White
MoveEasy® 36 Degree Horizontal Rail System. Ideal for spacewithoutwallthatwouldallow for handrail attachment. Connects between 2 poles that are 6’ apart. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. 7100843 White
MoveEasy® Exercise Kit.
Includes all attachments and ex- ercise bands for rehab, exercise and health equipment. Poles not included.
MoveEasy® Double Connector
Wall Mounted Bracket. Can
be placed where horizontal hand- railsystemstartsornearawall. Designed for use with MoveEasy 60 Degree Horizontal Rail System and MoveEasy 36 Degree Horizontal Rail System.
MoveEasy® Single Connector Wall Mounted Bracket. Eliminates need for pole being
close to wall; can be placed where horizontalhandrailsystemstartsor near wall. Designed for use with MoveEasy 36 Degree Horizontal Rail System and MoveEasy 60 Degree Horizontal Rail System.
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