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Pillows & Neck Positioning
Fall Prevention
Hugg-A-Pillow®. All-in-one orthopedic, posture and comfort pillow. Unique design provides support for the head, neck, shoulders and upper chest. Offers complete comfort in all sleeping positions. Hypoallergenic and machine washable. Removable white polyester/cotton cover. Made of quality polyester fiberfill that holds its shape. 17” x 22”.
CerviCareTM Foam Pillow.
Polyurethane foam construc- tion provides comfort and durability. Helps
improve sleeping posture and properly align the cervical spine. Dual lobes provide dif- fering support levels for better fit. Four-inch high lobe tapers to two-inch middle and tapers back to five-inches high. Contours match natural neck curvature while reclining in a supine or side-lying position. Light blue cotton/polyester fabric cover. Measures 22” x 16” x 5” and fits easily into standard pil- lowcase. Latex free.
965328 Firm 965329 Soft
Smart Support Pillow. Unique, patented, fiber-filled neck support pillow was devel- oped by a rheumatologist. Self-adjusting head, neck and shoulder support provides optimal alignment during sleep or when lying in any position. Cover and neck sup- port are machine washable. Latex free. 6724
Contour Twist Pillow. The most versa- tile and useful pillow you will ever buy. Its bendable into almost any shape or position and it stays put. Soft poly foam with an articulating linkage deep inside easily forms, comfortably supports. Soft poly velour cover. Shape it, wrap it or curve it. Uses are unlim- ited! Latex free.
55970306 Ecru 55970307 Blue
Mediflow® Elite Pillow.
Contains the original water base technology that’s made Mediflow famous. The Elite Fiberfill pillow features Mediflow’s highest quality with an upgraded 300 thread count, sateen cover, new Dacron StaLoft fiberfill for superior loft and resiliency, and a deluxe, hand-sewn, woven rope cord edge. Three Year Warranty against any manufac- turing defects.
Wal-Pil-O® Neck Pillow. Helps head, neck, shoulder or TMJ pain, dysfunction and cervical radiculopathy. Four combinations of support: narrow and wide borders (firm) for neck support, and soft or medium centers for head support. Standard size 25”L x 15”W x 4”D. Latex free.
Face Cushion.
Turns a flat
surface into a
clinical table.
Offers full access to back and neck without the discomfort of turning the head to one side. Also excellent for those who must recline face down. Can be folded to create a cervical support. Black. Latex free.
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