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Fusion XC 80” Mattress
Fusion 1K 80” Mattress
Fusion XC 84” Mattress
Fusion 1K 84” Mattress
Fusion 2K 80” Mattress
Fusion 2K 84” Mattress
Fusion 1K/2K Conversion Kit
Invacare IVCTM Home
Care Full-Electric
Bed. A number of in-
novations translate into
long-term savings over
the product life cycle.
Bed components—such
as the Universal Bed
End, head spring and
foot spring—are inter-
changeable with your existing Invacare
Bed fleet, so you can now upgrade with these enhancements.
This bed is designed to be easier to deliver, set up, clean and maintain.
Universal high impact bed end panels are scratch resistant. Sleep surface 36” x 80”. Overall bed 36” x 88”. Height adjusts from 9.5” to 20”, floor to deck. Weight capacities 350 lbs. patient weight, 450 lbs. total. Inclusive of all accessories. Feature DC low voltage, compact motor systems and quick, quiet operation. IP66 rated waterproof enclosures allow entire system to be cleaned with standard water pressure. UL962 and CSA approved.
563055 5410 IVC Full-Electric Bed Low (shown)
563055 Invacare® Mattresses. 50% lighter weight than most in-
nerspring mattresses and more flexible for deliveries. High-quality 1.5 lb./cu.ft.-density foam pro- vides comfort and durability. Meets fire regulation 16CFR 1633 & 16 CFR 1632 compliant. Durable 10.5 oz. vinylized nylon cover is antibacterial, anti-static, acid-resistance waterproof cover. 56308901
Fall Prevention Sleep Surfaces/Home Care Beds Fusion Mattresses. “Air” supports the majority of the patient’s weight to
provide therapy, comfort and durability of the foam.
Fusion XCTM Mattress. With Dynamic DispersionTM chambers, individual cells evenly distribute the patients pressure over the entire therapy zone. High- resilient foam, encapsulated in a sealed air chamber, requires no adjustment. Each positional change creates a new custom fit. Sloped, soft multi-density foam cradles heels to reduce pressure and shearing in this critical zone. Top stretch cover is antimicrobial, waterproof and breathable. 300 lb. weight limit.
Fusion 1KTM Mattress. Design utilizes proven redistribution therapy. Foam and air-filled baffles evenly distribute the patients weight over the entire therapy section. Unlike “Self-Adjusting Technology,” dynamic dispersion con- forms to the patient and readjusts each time he or she changes positions—for a new custom fit with every move! The sealed air chamber is preset and requires no adjustment. Other features include a nonskid, waterproof base; firm perimeter support for easy transfer and safety; and durable, reinforced handles for simple transport. 500 lb. weight capacity.
Fusion 2KTM “true” Low-Air Loss Mattress. Now you have the option of a low air loss mattress or a non-powered mattress, and converts from one to the other in seconds. The 2K has all same features as the Fusion 1K plus the advanced low air loss system. iSense ProcessingTM SelectAir pump at- taches easily to the external port on the side of the mattress. 300 lb. weight capacity.
Conversion Kit. Converts the Fusion 1K into a Fusion 2K Mattress.
Sloped, soft, multi-density foam zone
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