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Con gurable
Item No.
Con gurable Lat Pulldown/Low Row
78”L x 27”W x 92”H
Con gurable Adjustable Pulley
42”L x 46”W x 92”H
Con gurable Triceps Pushdown
42”L x 46”W x 92”H
Con gurable Biceps/Triceps
42”L x 46”W x 92”H
Con gurable Prone Leg Curl
97”L x 27”W x 90”H
Con gurable Dual Pulley Lat Pulldown
50”L x 27”W x 92”H
Con gurable Dual Pulley Low Row
85”L x 27”W x 92”H
Con gurable Rear Delt/Fly
53”L x 32”W x 90”H
Con gurable Dip/Chin Assist
67”L x 38”W x 92”H
Con gurable Wheelchair Accessible Chest Press/Row
46”L x 39”W x 86”H
Con gurable Wheelchair Accessible Biceps/Lat Pulldown
52”L x 29”W x 86”H
Con gurable Wheelchair Accessible Pec Deck
32”L x 40”W x 86”H
Con gurable Wheelchair Accessible Adjustable Pulley
42”L x 46”W x 92”H
Con gurable Leg Press
92”L x 34”W x 92”H
Con gurable Crossover with Cross Bar/Chin Handles
27”L x 144”W x 92”H
Con gurable Dual Adjustable Pulley
42”L x 46”W x 92”H
Con gurable Low Row
85”L x 27”W x 92”H
Con gurable Lat Pulldown
50”L x 27”W x 92”H
Exercise Strength
Matrix Magnum Con gurable Multi-Stations
Matrix Magnum Series Configurable
Multi-Stations. A Performance Health
Exclusive. Professional athletes demand the
best. So it comes as no surprise that they
choose the unrivaled performance and un-
matched durability of the Matrix Magnum
Series. Durable construction of heavy-gauge
steel tubing is built to withstand the rigorous strength
training of professional sports teams, but it is still easy
enough to use in a rehabilitation setting. Wheelchair-accessible multi-stations are especially suited for physical therapy.
The frame is finished with two applications of powder coating for an automotive-quality finish that’s highly resistant to chips and scratches. Round tubing gives equipment a distinctive look, and adds to strength and durability.
Ergonomics and biomechanics—highlights of all Magnum products—keep the user comfortable while pro- viding motion that feels natural and is mechanically correct. Color-coded adjustment points are conveniently located and clearly marked for easy usage.
This comprehensive line offers a variety of choices:
• Multi-Station Con gurations. Multiple stations provide custom configurability to meet your facility’s needs. • Maximum Con gurability. Machines can be linked together to best utilize your space (they even fit
around columns) and create the exact layout you want. Back-to-back, S-shaped or almost any other con-
figuration is possible. Minimum of three stations is required.
• Stand-Alone Stations. Available separately for maximum versatility.
Warranty - frame (not coatings), 10 years; weight stack, 5 years; pulleys, 5 years; pivotal bearings, 5 years; other/items not specified, 3 years; labor, 3 years; upholstery/springs/grips, 1 year; accessories, 6 months
Exercise Strength

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