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Lymphedema Accessories
Compression Products
Eucerin® Plus
Intensive Repair
Lotion. For relief
of skin so dry it itches.
Alpha hydroxy gently exfoliates dry, flaky skin while providing intensive moisturization for skin that looks and feels healthier. Gentle alpha hydroxy works without drying or stinging, so it won’t irritate. Ideal for dry skin associated with diabetes.
566954 Eucerin Plus Repair Lotion, 8.4 oz. 566955 Eucerin Plus Repair Lotion,16.9 oz. 566953 Eucerin Calming Cream, 8 oz.
Eucerin® Moisturizers. Treatment for dry skin, soft tissue and scar massage. Dermatologist-recommended moisturizers are fragrance-free and color-free.
Aquaphor® Healing Ointment.
Treats dry, damaged skin; minor burns. Hypoallergenic; no fragrances or preservatives to irritate sensitive skin. Latex free.
37019M 14 oz.
566952 3.5 oz.
Latex free.
8.4 oz./Case of 12 16 oz.
Rolyan® Extra Soft Stockinette. 100% cotton stockinette. Super soft under the many other layers of lymphedema ban- daging. Rolls are 25 yards long. Latex free.
Rolyan® Foam Chips.
Now you can make
your own chip mitts,
muffs and packs to fill
in or pad under lymphedema wraps and garments. Two gallon bag. Latex free. 566913
Rolyan® Gray Foam. Open-cell, non- adhesive foam sheet. Used to treat fibrotic tissue adhesions in conjunction with com- pression bandaging. Cut to desired shape to fit uneven limb surfaces. Latex free.
Rolyan® Low Stretch Medical Bandage.
100% cotton. Provides low resting tension and high working tension. Used for bandaging tech- niques that are soft-wrapped or foam-based. Washable. 51/2 yards (5m) long. Latex free.
Item No.
2”(5 cm) wide
3” (7.6 cm) wide
4” (10 cm) wide
5” (13 cm) wide
6” (15 cm) wide
Item No.
23/8” (6 cm) wide
31/8” (8 cm) wide
4” (10 cm) wide
43/4” (12 cm) wide
2’ x 4’ x 1/2”, 2 rolls 2’ x 4’ x 1/4”, 2 rolls 27” x 82” x 1/2” 27” x 82” x 1/4”
Rolyan® Foam
Bandage. Polyether
foam provides a firm
barrier for muscle
pump efficiency. Also
reduces slipping on uneven limb surfaces. Open cell, latex free. Includes two 5’ long x 31/8” wide x 1/4” thick rolls. Latex free. 927417
Rolyan® Latex
Foam Rubber. Ideal
for use when aggres-
sively treating fibrotic
tissue adhesions.
Tears easily to make
foam chip bags. Soft, porous foam is perme- able to air and moisture. 31/8” x 61/2’ x 3/16”. 927419
Economy Finger/
Toe Bandage.
40% cotton, 60%
polymer yarn
bandage creates a comfortable, soft wrap for fingers and toes. 12 rolls per package. Latex free.
927734 1” x 4.1 yd.
Provides comfort and encourages even compression. Extremely durable and long- lasting padding holds up to repeated washings. Latex free.
929802 4” x 13’ (10cm x 4m)
Compression Products

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