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Cramer Taping Products Taping
Shark Tape Cutter. Easily cuts through tape and bandage material. Made of the highest quality Valox resin, and fiberglass- reinforced for durability.
081571678 Shark Tape Cutter
081679869 Shark Cutter Replacement Blades
Cramer® Heel & Lace Pads. White foam pads help protect sensitive spots on the foot and prevent pinching and blistering. 3” x 3” x 1/16”, roll of 2000 pads. Convenient snap-off roll. 081595909
Sports Taping Kit.
Contains all of the essential supplies used for basic taping and wrapping for support or treatment of common sports injuries. Includes 3 rolls of poly/ cotton athletic tape, 1 roll foam tape under-wrap, 1 roll cohesive stretch tape and 1 zip-cut tape cutter. 081571686
Cramer® 950 Porous Athletic Tape. 100% cotton porous backcloth and latex-free adhesive combines to create a highly comfortable, strong and easy-to-tear athletic tape. Computer- calibrated unwind for consistency throughout the roll.
Item No.
Sell Packaging
1/2” x 10 yds
24 Rolls
11/2” x 15 yds
32 Rolls
2” x 15 yds
24 Rolls
Cramer® Eco-FlexTM Stretch Tape. Lightweight self-adhering tape. Unique non-woven design allows for a very lightweight hand- tearable tape with a high tensile strength and a highly breathable nature in comparison to comparable tapes. Excellent for compres- sion, wound management and application as underwrap. Performs well even when wet with sweat or poor field conditions. Latex free. Contains dry natural rubber.
Item No.
Eco-Flex Stretch Tape
2” x 6 yd., 24 Rolls, White
3” X 6 yds., 12 Rolls, White
2” x 6 yds., 24 Rolls, Black
3” x 6 yd., 12 Rolls, Black
Tape Pre-Wrap. Prevents skin irritation and blistering when applied prior to tape. Also useful for securing cold packs. Rolls measures 23/4” x 30 yds. and come in a case of 48. Latex free.
7755 Box of 12 Rolls, Beige
928485 Case of 48 Rolls, Beige 081595826 Case of 48 Rolls, Black
Cramer® 750 Athletic Tape. Latex free, 100% cotton bleached white adhesive tape. Excellent tensile strength and superior con- formability. Direct coating and computer calibrated unwind provide consistency and dependability. 11/2” x 15 yd. Qty. 32 rolls. 081551969

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