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Shuttle Systems Exercise Strength
Shuttle TNT Leg Press.
An affordable, high-perfor- mance Training ’n’ Therapy machine
designed to provide a range of ex- ercises from light rehab to explosive plyometrics and leg press.
• Develop Explosive Power - The
TNT allows you to participate
in closed chain protocols, as well as jumping protocols.
• Supine Leg Press - Provides progressive elastic resistance in a safe supine position that ranges from 6–300 pounds at full extension.
• Plyometric Training - Train in a less-than-body-weight envi- ronment while zeroing in on the eccentric phase of overspeed plyometric training.
• Minimize Joint Impact - Padded kickplate and non-weight- bearing position protect joints and the spine on impact.
• Range-of-motion control and adjustable hand grips.
• Adjustable backrest: supine, 30° and 45°.
• 105”L x 30”W. 24” seat height. Carriage travel 40”.
• Weight capacity: 450 lbs.
081697978 Shuttle 7200 TNT Leg Press 081697986 Shuttle 7300 TNT Leg Press w/Towers
Shuttle Recovery. Extends similar features of the Shuttle 20001 and MVP to the cost-conscious practitioner. Features a wider back- rest providing additional support for bariatric and senior patients. Unique lockdown of the carriage provides security for loading and unloading patients. Smaller footprint gives clinics short on space
the opportunity to expand clinical options. Patient transfers and adjustments to resistance and ROM are easy for both the patient and clinician. 24”W X 48”L wide-body carriage. Carriage weight ca- pacity: 600 lbs. Dimensions: 31”W X 97”L. Limited 5-year warranty.
Standard Package. 5 elasticords which provide up to 150 lbs. of progressive resistance.
Senior Package. Features a horizontal backrest and 8 elasticords (one ultra-light resistance) which provide up to 300 lbs. of progressive resistance. Includes comfortable foam wedge for heads up position, foot supports and 20” Shuttle Wobble Board.
Senior Plus Package. Same as the Recovery Senior, plus all new PNF Tower System providing users with upper extremity options.
The Shuttle Mini Press. Offers up to 80 lbs. of resis-
tance in a 15-lb. portable leg press. Combines ultrasmooth
tracking with controlled flexion and extension for acute phase
rehab or extremely deconditioned patients. Attaches easily to any
chair or wheelchair, eliminating the need for transfers. Protocols for sitting, standing, supine and upper extremities. Ideal for home health, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and small clinics. Since it is only 15 lbs. and has wheels, it can be stowed away easily. 280 lbs. of progressive elastic resistance. Carriage travel: 19 3⁄4”. Dimensions: 12”W X 41”L. Limited 5-year warranty.
Exercise Strength

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