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Tortoise Shell® System adds dimension to children’s individual/group vestibular therapy programs
Tumble Forms 2® Tortoise Shell® Therapy System. Use this colorful, molded polyethylene shell for vestibular therapy and sensory integration. Ideal for children 0 - 5 years of age in early inter- vention programs, either individually or in a group. Use the lid as a recessed base to prevent the shell from rocking, or on top as a flat surface for vestibular therapy. Shell is portable, easily cleaned and measures 34" wide x 18" high.
• Deluxe Tortoise Shell Therapy System includes snug fitting net filled with 2" Bubble Balls for buoyancy and sensory feedback. Net fits on shell; balls remove easily for cleaning and storage.
• Tortoise Shell Suspension Kit suspends the shell from any TF Vestibulator Therapy System. Kit includes all ropes and hooks necessary to attach the shell to the swing arm of the TF Vestibulator Therapy System. Supports 200 lbs, 75 lbs. when suspended. Latex free.
2885 Shell with Lid
2885N Replacement Net
081013234 Tortoise Shell Suspension Kit
Sensory Motor Tumble Forms 2® Vestibulator® III & Tortoise Shell® Therapy Systems
Tumble Forms 2® Vestibulator® III. Ideal for all types of Vestibulation Therapy without the concerns of a ceiling-mount suspension system. It com- bines a compact indoor freestanding frame utilizing a U-shaped weighted base for security and stability in all directions. Compatible with All Tumble Forms 2 Vestibulator swing accessories. Accommodates a wide range of therapy modules for vestibular, neuro-developmental and sensory integra- tion therapy. Requires 77"W x 96.3"D floor space and 101.9" of height. Swing angle of 30°. Assembles in minutes. Comes with frame, two 60-lb. round bar weights, height adjusters, 30" therapy rope base, 2 oval cara- biners, 3" thick floor mat and frame padding. Need to allow an additional 18" of space to accommodate rear extension of base. Weight capacity:
300 lbs. (500 lbs. passive therapy). Assembled weight 425 lbs. All swings and swing accessories sold separately.
Sensory Motor

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