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Support Bar.
Great for vestibular therapy and spatial orientation
Indoor Play
Sensory Motor
Climbing Ladder.
Climbing action coordinates both sides of the body and helps to de- velop strength and posture. The Ladder mounts to the Support Bar (sold separately) in any doorway. Weight capacity: 55 lbs. 920150
Net Swing.
Unique qualities
allow the net to
stretch to fit any
child. Can be
used in a prone
or sitting posi-
tion. Cradles and
puts pressure on
the child’s sides
so he or she feels
safe and secure.
Provides total body support and even pres- sure. Weight capacity: 175 lbs.
This portable
unit goes up
in seconds,
does not stop
the door from
closing and can
stay up at all
times! The patented bar is the hub of the Rainy Day Systems. Accommodates the attachment
of your choice in any doorway from 29"W to 36"W. For larger doors, just add the optional extension plugs that span openings up to 44"W. Supports up to 300 lbs.
565656 Support Bar 565657 Extension Plugs
Can stay up in closed doorway
Platform Swings. The first and only Platform Swing that offers a very functional multi-purpose swing and an equally effective rotary board. Choose from a standard platform swing or the dual-purpose rotary platform swing – both are designed to work with your child sitting, standing or lying down.The Rotary Platform converts from swing to rotary board with little to no effort. As a rotary board, the Platform offers a whole new level of vestibular input and activities. Mounting ropes included. Each swing has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. and measures 16"W x 4"H x 45"L. When the Rotary Platform is used on the floor, its capacity goes up to 175 lbs!
920152 Platform Swing 081555887 Rotary Platform Swing
Trampoline. Great for building agility and body coordination. Easy to as- semble in minutes. Stabilizer handle bar is adjustable to three different heights. 325/8" diameter. Handle height 291/2" (at the lowest) to 393/8" (at the highest). Recommended ages: 4 years to 8 years. Weight capacity: 75 lbs.
Baby Trampoline. The canvas is ten- sioned so even very small children will experience a spring effect (usually they are too light to use a trampoline). The rubber cover yields protection against the metal frame. Supporting handles are covered with foam to protect face and teeth. For children 11/2 to 4 years old. Jumping diameter: 17.5"; height of grab bar: 25.6"; width of grab bar: 17.5". Weight capacity: 50 lbs. 556016
Mono Trampoline. The bright yellow, sloped protective cushion with a high rear edge offers the utmost protection during play. Includes a foam-covered handle. Reinforced spring sheet suspended on steel springs provides durable, welded steel construction. Jumping diameter: 23.6"; height of grab ba: 31.5"; width of grab bar: 15.2". For children up to 130 lbs.
Sensory Motor

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