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Firm back and adjustable seat depth help main- tain the pelvis in vertical alignment
Height adjusts 17” to 25” and is designed to fit under preschool tables
Optional pelvic-femoral stabilizer decreases child’s tendency to push legs into extension
Corner Seat/Positioning Aid. You can use almost anywhere – indoors, outdoors or in the bathtub. Hand grips make it easy to carry with you. Designed to promote head and upper extremity control. Stabilizes the shoulders, pelvis and trunk. Helps bring the arms and shoulders forward to increase arm movements and allow child to work on activities in the midline. Features an H-strap for anterior trunk support, a hip belt to maintain proper position and an abductor block to help maintain leg extension and reduce extensor thrust. Broad base design provides stability and helps to prevent
the seat from tipping over. Polyethylene is easy to wash and main- tain. Weighs 9 lbs. (4.1kg). Hip width 11” (27.9 cm); seat depth 19”(48.26 cm); seat back height 221⁄2” (57.2 cm); base measures 17” x 27”; height capacity: 60”; weight capacity: 200 lbs. 553510
Kinder Chair. Designed to securely position special needs chil- dren in the classroom. The Kinder Chair has multiple adjustments including seat depth, back angle and footrest height. Seat is 11”W and comes with 25” x 20” tray or can be positioned under a 17”–25” preschool table. Additional pelvic stability and femoral alignment can be obtained by adding the optional pelvic-thigh sta- bilizer with abductor. Seat depth 7”–12”. Back angle reclines 10° from vertical. Footrests adjust 3”–101⁄2”. Backrest height 13”. Floor to top of armrests 143⁄4”–22”. For children 1 to 7 years or up to 48” tall. Weight capacity: 60 lbs.
4579 Kinder Chair
457901 Adjustable Pelvic Femoral Stabilizer (4” x 6” Kneepads)
Edutray. This blue plastic tray fits onto the front of a Chair Cube to provide a play or eating surface closed to the child. Legs fold for convenient storage. 14” x 21”. Weighs 7 lbs.
Chair Cube. These 15” x 15” x 15” cubes encourage social inter- action as well as gross and fine motor skill development. With two seating heights (9” or 6”, changed by simply turning the cube over), these cubes offer plenty of options for kids ages 3 and up. Sturdy and easily cleaned.
924910 Blue Cube 924911 Yellow Cube

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