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  Rolyan Self-Bonding Solvent
Used to prepare Polyform, Polyflex II, Aquaplast-T & TailorSplint splinting materials.
• Features brush applicator • Half-pint (237ml) container • Warm with heat gun
• Creates permanent bond
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    Rolyan Smart Splint Bath - Standard
Designed to heat water to prepare splinting material for use, the smart splint bath is the only splint bath on the market to eliminate the risks of cross contamination between patients.
• Full color touchscreen with timer/temp controls • Dual cleaning system with UV sterilization
• Delivers 99.99% kill rate of microbes in the water • Features built-in convection heat exchanger
    Rolyan Splint Center
For use at a patient’s bedside or to conserve space in a small clinic, the mobile workstation is designed to store all splinting materials including accessories, splint pans, sheets & strapping.
• Mounted on caster wheels for easy maneuverability • Laminated countertop surface can be wiped clean
• Keeps splinting materials organized & stored safe
• Mobile cart weighs 335 lbs & ships fully assembled
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